Why did you go for Mac?


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Jan 18, 2005
Just had this question asked to me, and i just said "the iPod was good". just figured if the iPod was so fantastic and beautiful, and the eMacs we were using at college where pretty good (though slow). and i was after a new laptop at the time, so the PowerBook struck me as the kind of machine that would last me 2-3 years.

and my guess is this has been asked a million times before in a million different threads. so sorry if i missed the boat but its not in active discussion now :)

so how did you get into Macs? why did you choose them over Windows PCs? if you were running a PC why did you switch?

should be some good stories here if this thread kicks off :)


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Jan 20, 2005
Final Cut Pro 1.0 and introduction of G4s with Velocity Engines in 1999.

Supercomputer on my desktop. Wooooo....


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Jan 8, 2005
On the moon.
The Blue and White G3. God that was one hot box.

Plus the G4 Cube made me want a mac even more, and then OSX.

Of course, I didnt get a Blue and White until 3 years after they had been discontinued, but oh well. :D


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May 23, 2005
Great White North
Had an awesome opportunity to evaluate head to head. At work had to buy new comps, right when OSX was coming out, so we got a Dell (maxed out for the time) and an iMac G4 800 MHz 17". Played with them side by side for a couple of years and man the iMac just kicked the Dell's ass (and the difference in performance is growing). So when I was buying a computer for home I knew which one to get, and haven't looked back. :)


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Jul 7, 2005
got fed up with pc's
and i love the ways macs looked
so i bought a used ibook 800 12" on ebay


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Jun 4, 2005
2,000 light years from home
Frusterated with windows, and I noticed my friends who enjoy computing have macs, my friends who complain and comiserated with my troubles all had PCs.
I'm surprised it took me so long to put it all together !

My first computer as a kid was an Apple IIE- which has good memories (playing Castle Wolfenstein on a tiny monitor...).


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Feb 20, 2004
Mom worked for IBM - we had the first PC at home - crap-in-a-box, We also had a ][e. A friend had the first Mac and my dad saw it and freaked. The graphics, the mouse - he had to have one. The next week there was a mac in his office. In 1989 I got my first Mac (SE/30) and that got me through all of college. Mac man forever now - it has shaped my whole life and career path.


I am the most impatient person alive.
I started a graphic design degree, and the college just uses Macs.
I didn't design much on computers before this, and had never used a Mac.
<learning curve :eek: >
My PC sucked, and was slow.
The Macs at college didn't suck.
Again, am impatient.

Guess what platform laptop I bought after temping all summer? :D

I occasionally get impatient with my PB, but after temping all this summer and using PCs again* I <3 my PowerBook, and appreciate it again. :)

*I made a spreadsheet, and went to File>Save, cause it's Windows, and therefore should save, and as I clicked on File it locked, and I had to restart. :mad: :mad: This made me very angry. And I did my last shift today, and tried to start up a PC to do my timesheet, and it took 15 minutes to load up, and then I missed my bus home because it took so long. This is why I use Macs. The ones at college are badly networked, but are still better than this. Again: :mad: .


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Aug 5, 2005
Dad works in computer security, so I'd grown up with UNIX. Then, I needed a laptop for school (both my ****** writing and my need for a music computer), and I'd heard great things about Apple from some people at school, and combined with the "I guess I can make it more like my Shrike box [my current machine back then]", and when combined with the freebees and the student-teacher deals, with a little persuading, I managed to get Mum to get a 15" PowerBook SuperDrive (being typed on atm, in fact :D). A £650 G5 missing bits came next (now sold at a £400 profit, even with stuff put back :D), shortly before I got my pride and joy, the Cube. I'd been told about this and shown pictures of one about a year before I got the PB, and since then I'd always wanted one. And then, for the princely sum of £300, I got one in immaculate condition with a 450 and 1GB of RAM as well as loads of pre-installed software that he'd "forgotten to uninstall ;)"


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Jul 23, 2004
Melbourne, Australia
raggedjimmi said:
so how did you get into Macs? why did you choose them over Windows PCs? if you were running a PC why did you switch?
Never been in to Windows outside of work (I'll use anything if they pay me enough), I run OS X because it is the best desktop UNIX like OS available at the moment. I got my first Mac because Linux sucked (sucks still) on notebooks, and I wanted a 100 % WORKING UNIX like notebook, I got addicted to the OS and replaced all of my Linux boxes with Macs.


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Apr 30, 2003
Well i have been in the mac world my whole life, havent known anything different. I didnt really go for a mac, it was sort of in my genes :D It was fate.
But i must say that the current macs out are not looking so hot...please let intel put some fire back into Apple Computing and maybe for once can we have an all computer front page and not an all iTunes/iPod front page :(


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Mar 15, 2004
3 words - ipod halo effect

I got an iPod for windows right when they became available. Not soon after, an Apple Sotre opened in my local mall. So as I fell in love with my iPod, I had a chance to get a feel for Macs when I stopped in the store. Eventually, I decided I was definitely going to get a Mac the next time I bought a computer. Almost 2 years went by before I actually switched though...


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May 6, 2005
Bay Area
Just because. No, really. I was too young/Stupid to know the difference between Computer A and Computer B... And I happened to pick the right one.

Weird. :confused:


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Mar 29, 2003
January 2003 I was looking for an portable music player. I was on the verge of getting a mini-disc player, and then saw a review of the iPod. That got me onto the Apple site, which showed me the delights of the iBooks and a hint of OSX. A mate saw the same and bought an iBook. I saw his and had mine on order a week later. The iPod wasn't far behind either :p

As for the reason why to switch? It wasn't a case of switching in the beginning. I hated my work laptop, but I wanted to get a laptop for myself. OSX offered a way to get what appeared a decent OS and a nice laptop to boot. I also liked the nice integration with iTunes that the iPod had too. Since then I've enjoyed my time more and more with OSX, and never worried about missing out on anything that XP had to offer. I run a linux box as a server, so I keep seeing what's on offer there, but so far OSX is still in front for me.


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I was heavy into art work and my sister, even though she uses a PC cos she couldn't afford a Mac, told me about the Mac. How it was superior. So, I listened to her and got a Powermac G4 933 MHz Quicksilver. Now its a server and I'm on Mac mini (suped up version) and awaiting for an intel based Powerbook to emerge.

Me love it long time.


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Apr 16, 2005
Seattle, WA
Used Macs at school and loved em. Family PC started crashing daily and both my mom and I got fed up. She bought a 17" PB in June and then I fell in love even more. July came around and I bought myself my current iBook. :D


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Feb 2, 2005
Ann Arbor, Michigan
I would say it is the iPod halo effect. I liked the iPod and I was familar Macs from college so I decided to get an iBook for my travel computer. I will probably buy a PowerMac or iMac once they switch to Intel.

Secretly I am tired of being the Tech Support Specialist for my family so I hope to be PC-free in my house before long.