Why did you swap your Black for White, or White for Black? (no scuff stories)

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by super!, Sep 25, 2012.

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    On the 21st my brother and I both received iPhone 5s. His was white and mine black. But I can't stop wondering about which I prefer. Every time I see the black one I think 'yeah black', then every time I see white I'm like 'oh yeah, white'. I'm just gonna jot down my thoughts on both and try to give a verdict.

    First impressions

    The Black is very sleek, professional, and refreshingly different compared to the iPhone 4/4S. The White is very clean and appears to sparkle from a side view (the mirror edges); this is nice but it seems to me a little feminine - the sparkle that is, not the colour. The side view of the black varies with different kinds of lighting. In dim light, it looks black and along the edge of the front panel where the aluminium meets the glass, the light hits the rim in a way that it shows a light grey line running along the perimeter and I don't personally like this look. Otherwise it looks great.


    The Black is a fingerprint magnet and this isn't only limited to the glass; the aluminium can also show dark patches but this is much less noticeable. Users are always saying that the white is better because it shows less fingerprints, but I'm not so sure. We can forget about fingerprints on the back because it's only the two strips of glass on the top and bottom, so it's only a case of the front. The White also shows fingerprints on roughly 80-90% of the front of the phone, the remaining areas will be fingerprint-free, but is this aesthetically pleasing? I'm not entirely sure. I took both phones and put fingerprints all over them and to me, the smudges/prints on the black iPhone seem more 'acceptable' to me. The white just looks odd, a black rectangular area with fingerprints that is abruptly cut off when meeting the white frame. Just my opinion.

    It isn't quite black?

    Something that bothers me the most about the black version (and this goes for all previous iterations too), is when the sun or bright daylight hits the phone. The front panel just doesn't look jet-black (the areas surrounding the screen), this is more noticeable when the screen is off where it is darker than the surrounding frame. What's odd is that when I look at the back, the top and bottom strips of glass appear to be jet-black whereas the front is like a really really dark grey-black colour (or is that just me?). Obviously there has to be a good reason for this, I don't know why but I'm sure someone else does.

    The aluminium

    I'm not going to discuss any scuffs here, if you do have a scuffed phone whether it was out-of-the-box or through light handling, you obviously have a defective phone. I don't 'baby' my phone and never use cases, and there's not been a single mark on my black iPhone.

    With the black iPhone, the aluminium looks fantastic, but sometimes in brighter lighting the sides can look somewhat plastic-like and gives a rather cheap appearance. With the white iPhone, the aluminium looks crisp and clean when holding the surface perpendicular to my line of site, but if I look at it from an angle it becomes darker and it is this dark appearance that doesn't go well with the white.

    Dust and dirt

    With the black I've noticed white specks that have fallen into the crevices of the phone (the back where the aluminium meets the glass, and all other edges). I don't know how to clean this (would like some suggestions if you have any) and it can give the phone a 'used' look, something you don't want with a new phone. I haven't noticed any dust or dirt problems with the white.

    It can depend on what colour and phone you had before

    If you've owned anything other than an iPhone 4/4S, then any iPhone 5 colour you choose will give you the feeling that you have a new phone. However if you're upgrading from an 4/4S, you might feel differently depending on which colour you choose. The white from the front looks very similar to the iPhone 4/4S so you may feel like you have the same phone if upgrading from a white 4/4S. The black looks a little different so if your previous iPhone was black this might not be the case with you, but you may still feel better if you choose a colour different to your previous model. My previous iPhone 4S was white, and when holding the black iPhone 5 I immediately feel like I'm holding a new device. I also acknowledge the change in screen height more. If my previous phone was black and I upgraded to white, I'm sure I would feel the same way about the white.

    Colour and the screen

    I love how the screen looks against the frame of the black iPhone, it's very smart and elegant, especially if you're using apps like flipboard. The screen also looks great with the white version and the colours appear somewhat cooler against the white frame. I can't decide whether this is something I like or not. The white is very refreshing but I feel that I can't take it seriously, or that I can't take seriously the content that I'm looking at. This sounds silly but its just how it comes across to me, which is weird as my previous iPhone was white.


    I don't have one, because I'm still undecided. With previous iPhones I always favour one colour over the other, but this time I like both as much as each other. A friend of mine felt the same way and so he bought both and decided he would alternate between the two whenever he felt like it - a great solution if you can afford it.

    I'd love to hear from those of you who decided to change their iPhone's colour; which colour did you change from/to? and why? No scuff stories please, I'd like to hear about other reasons!
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    Most people put a case on it anyway, so I'm not sure it matters all that much beyond what color you want to see surrounding the display (white or black).

    I prefer black.

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