Why does everyone hav the same SpyMac ID and password?


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Jan 4, 2002
We just discovered at the Macaddict forums that every person over there had the same ID and password to access the Spymac.com videos. It looks like Spymac.com just wanted some fresh to addresses to spam....

My ID: iwalk5198
Password: Xv74mS2

Does anybody else have this same username and password?



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Dec 16, 2001
Dublin, OH
The reason they all ave the same username and password, is so they don't have to update teir realm settings every 2 seconds. They just have 1 realm password, and them give it out to whoever registers.



What you morons don't realize is that they collected THOUSANDS of email addresses.

Why would anyone want to collect valid email addresses? Hmmm...

There couldn't POSSIBLY be any market for selling email addresses of a specific target market could there?!?

BTW the photos/video were on a mirror site completely open to anyone. Thats where I actually saw the video (which is fake no matter what wishy-washy rumor site runner want to believe).

FAKE! I didn't say the product was fake, just the video. There is never a motion shot of the working GUI, just stills of lots of different apps. When there is the object is (almost) completely motionless except for one tiny jitter in the Say Hello one at the very end. The GUI stays put, but the device slids over slightly - OOPS.

And why on earth would some Germans have this unit anyways? Shipping it would possible damage or even lose the thing and Apple's R&D for hardware is right there in Cupertino. Software is a different matter, you can FTP/VPN from anywhere, but hardware has to be collectively worked on in one place. Prototypes are one-offed weekly and sometimes only partially completed to test parts of the hardware.

THINK people. Geeze. Apple is totally feeding these flames, they must be laughing their guts out over all this.