Why go for unlocking services?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by rainman7, Oct 16, 2012.

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    I have read on different forums that people go on ebay and pay someone to unlock their ip5 to use with t-mobile, I thought AT&T unlock your device for free once you pay the ETF. And if ppl are planning on switching to t-mobile, they have to cancel their AT&T service and will incur that $325(or whatever amount) ETF anyway. Am I missing something here?
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    Actually, some of us (myself included) went to eBay to unlock, and are staying with AT&T.

    There are multiple reasons for this:

    1. You might be moving to T-Moble who bought or was given someone else's iPhone, but aren't an AT&T customer (or, you're a former customer who doesn't have the required info needed to get the unlock). In which case, as far as AT&T is concerned, you're screwed.

    2. You might want to stick with AT&T under contract, but travel internationally with your iPhone without having to roam.

    3. Unlocking increases the resale value of your iPhone when it's time to upgrade. Or put another way, with AT&T unlocking on eBay being so cheap, and Verizon iPhone 5s coming SIM-unlocked already, this is driving the value of still-locked iPhones down.

    4. Unlocking through AT&T is slow, and a hassle, requiring filling out online forms and waiting multiple business days, with no guarantee of success.

    Not to mention, right now unlocking via ebay is cheap, fast and apparently factory-permanent. To be blunt, we have no idea how they're doing it, how legit it is, how happy or unhappy AT&T and Apple are with this, or how long they're going to be around before they're either shut down, or AT&T/Apple find a way to close whatever loophole is being used. We just know that for now, it's cheap and it works.

    Before the current crop of ebay unlockers, a proper factory unlock cost $100 or more, and was almost definitely shady and unreliable. Or, you had to jailbreak to unlock. So, it makes sense to toss these relative newcomers a few bucks and get the unlock done while they're around and the success rate is high.

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