Why Google Is Stealing Apple's Ideas

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jul 11, 2009.

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    Was Caulfield dropped on his head at birth or something? It's the only rational reason I can think of why he's writing tripe like this.
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    Uninteresting analysis which makes far too many logical leaps to be taken seriously. This is just terrible, and beyond this, he actually almost slanders Eric Schmidt by casting the insinuation that he somehow siphoned ideas from Apple. If nothing else, he completely insults one of the best engineering companies on the planet. Anyroad, I'll break down just one of the logical leaps:

    Here he attempts to make an argument regarding Chrome OS and Mac OS X being brethren in spirit:

    OK. His description of Chrome OS is apt, if somewhat quaint regarding his lack of directly calling it "based on Linux". However, his point isn't in describing these two OSes, it's in linking them as the same side of a coin. First, while OS X architecturally does run on many platforms, including those he listed there, its variety is completely different on those two platforms. Mac OS X and iPhone OS share the same architecture, but they're two completely different paradigms.

    Based on what little we actually know it seems that Google's Chrome OS aims to be the same OS on these platforms. Same paradigm, same everything. Also the bit about NextSTEP and Tim Berners-Lee is just a ridiculous notion. Yes, he may have founded the notion of "the interconnected Web", but founding "the Web" and being built "around/for the Web" are nowhere near the same.

    As loathe as I am to quote John Gruber, but as he aptly and succinctly states:

    Could go on and on here, but this is some of the worst analysis I've seen regarding this matter. It offers no insight, and, worse yet, makes illogical leaps about a product which no one knows anything about. Terrible.
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    I view most of Apple + Google moves as 1,2 punches squarely aimed at Microsoft. Apple takes the cream of the premium market and Google sweeps up the low-end low margin masses. This leaves Microsoft with? Not much. Thus the investigation into Apple + Google ties. I'm sure they don't mind being perceived as competitors.
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    After reading this is laughable.
    That dude should quit his day job.
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    Granted, the article does take some liberties, given that the Chrome OS is 1 year+ out, but I think it does make a valid point.

    The three legs to the Apple stool, it iTunes, iPhone and OS X. Google is now competing (or intends to) with two out of three.
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    I stopped reading when he stated that Apple's business is built around its OS X Operating System. It's actually built around hardware. kthxbai
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    These macbytes.com finds have really been hard up for some decent material.

    Everything as of late is about how everyone is stealing from Apple.:rolleyes:

    I know there have been plenty of rumors, but did I miss the announcement of Apple creating a netbook?
    Because if not, then Chrome OS in no way steals from Apple, its OS or even its intended market.

    What an awful article.
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    Jul 21, 2009
    This is so sad. I am having agonizing difficulty finding a starting position as a journalist, and this terrible writer is on staff at Forbes. WOW. The world indeed is unjust. :(
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    Apple copy Google! Just look at Safari 4 compared to Chrome. Eric Schmidt is a man and Steve Jobs is a man. Apple ends with an le and so does google (if you forget about the !) Both have a double letter combo in their first syllable!

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