Why I feel this is a minor spec bump


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Jun 28, 2010

Apple seriously dropped the ball with this one. I mean, where are all the extra features that tech sites promised? Where are the promises Apple executives made to me in my dreams? I just don't understand Apple. They never deliver.

Sure, the retina screen as a good spec bump, but where is the 3D ready, 400+PPI screen? I could have made safe bets regarding this. It's the future Apple! Where is the Holographic display? Why does the home button still appear on the bezel? Who cares about new iPad adoptors? I wanted it to be gone and you kept it. You never listen to your users.

Speaking of which, where are the gaming controls on the side? I want to play 3D games in super high resolution! I want tactile buttons and I want it to be buttonless. Damn it Apple. Steve Jobs personally promised me in my dreams that the iPad 3 (not this iPad 2s) will have all these features. You have lost a valuable customer who was going to buy 4 iPads and sell them to make money off of the low supply.

I was a 100% sure about iOS 6 coming with this launch. I thought you guys would just scrap your entire year's plan and end up delivering to me software that is definetely not ready for prime time. Heck, I was sitting here waiting to upgrade the software already! I want my promises fullfilled!

Why don't we have an Nvidia 590GTX in the iPad? That was also supposed to come with it. Why is it thicker? It was supposed to be a only 1mm thick and weigh less than 1 oz. Why doesn't it have teleportation functionality built in? HUH APPLE? ANSWER MY QUESTIONS. THIS IS WHY I WON"T BE BUYING THE IPAD. IT'S ONLY A SPEC BUMP. IT DOESN'T HAVE ANYTHING NEW.


p.s. If the tags didn't give it away, this is supposed to be a funny take on all the complainers. If you don't want to buy the 3rd Generation iPad, fine. Don't. No one is forcing it down your neck.


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Jun 15, 2007
I see what you did there, OP. You earn a thumbs up.

Thanks for the laugh. :D


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May 12, 2008
The fact that the new iPad wont be able to read my mind is a huge letdown. At least introduce some optical movement recognition so all I have to do is look at things on the screen I want to open. I hate the new iPad so much that I pre-ordered it a whole 9 hours after the announcement. That should show the suits in Cupertino how pissed I am!