Why I like iPhone... do you?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by ijohnbro, Nov 23, 2011.

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    Oct 27, 2010
    Apple vs Google


    An Evil empire, but nice company moral (overall) all the big companies wanna **** ya a little that's ok with me seriously if you think about it. On other hand Apple is pretty fair, don't jailbreak your device , maybe invest in some Apple Care + and you are golden, nice investment. Androids are cheaper, they mess up get a free refurbished, it messes up get another free refurbished. I went through 6 Samsung Fascinates, great phone they just didn't last with us people who use our phones. Android is a dependable phone for grandma making calls twice a day to Milly and looking up knitting **** on Amazon or something, then they great phone.. Not good for me. Steve Jobs was a dictator, but only a dictator in the Apple world that is his right, he is Steve Jobs if you don't like our stuff then don't buy it kind of attitude, it's worth the rules cause Apple have a great product by far, I mean hell look at the money that thing brings in, I like it quite a bit honestly.


    Ok Google is the main search engine on the web, it's a monopoly they own the internet bassically them and facebook. Ok facebook records your data, picture, facial recognition technology, gee when I signed up 2 years ago I didn't know this was to keep an eye on me and treat me like some terrorist, im a freaking teddy bear aren't you? hope so...if not be keeping an eye on you! LOL ok then we have youtube (which I love by the way) but im sure subliminal messages are in their videos for your enjoyment of course. messing with your mind man. Ok joking...but seriously GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, GOVERMENT, YOUTUBE, CIA, NWO, And Church of America.

    APPLE...Loveable Steve Jobs :) and his new Man Tim forget all the other crazies, I can handle a couple over many lol keep an eye on em :) youtube is limited on iPhone good, Facebook isn't perfect or as good as Android good. Both those sites are what's wrong with America.

    Which phone do you want? my next is iPhone, tired of paying for some ankle bracelet type phone
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    Jul 28, 2011
    I like them both, and own them both, for their various strengths.

    You won't find me bashing either. I dont play that game.

    I much rather have an intelligent conversation about Pro's & Cons.

    Sadly that's impossible here since it's and all or nothing game.

    If one attempts an adult conversation and says anything positive about Android they're immediately labeled a troll & risk being banned.

    Conversely when threads are started to bash Android they're rewarded and encouraged.

    Funny the hypocrisy that is so blatant is relished simply because Steve condoned it, practiced it, and taught it. If you refuse to accept it you haven't been around Apple much.

    I choose to remember the Steve Jobs that was a truly nice guy in the early days. A time when many of you were not around. He and Steve Wozniak were a great team.

    It was during those days that I became a die hard Apple enthusiast.

    Sadly & through no fault of his own, Jobs let success ruin the sensible person he was. Some can handle success and some let it affect them.

    Woz went on to lead a balanced fun life & Jobs became a condescending tyrant. For those who worship money & power, Jobs is their God.
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    Oct 27, 2010

    Steve Jobs was Apple and he still is even though he is gone. Apple is more of a company than some other company just putting a device together and making a buck. Apple care about quality and standing out from everybody else in a positive way. Sure Steve cared about money, but he also cared about his product too and it had to be to his specs regardless if it was capable of selling Millions of units or not. That says something about him as a Person, he cares about something other than just money. Some companies will just slap together junk to turn a quick profit.

    I'm a hardcore Android fan (sort of ) and I was the guy who would always bust balls about iPhone. In the meantime im having problems with my thunderbolt replacement and I remember back to when I had the 3GS best phone made, my friend still uses his and he got it on launch day and he uses the hell out of it. Not many Androids could hold up to that. And this is a 2009 phone so tells me something right there. Apple are ahead in alot of ways, in quality control they are way better, although Android is getting better (but still to buggy) tired of those bugs. Android software is nice, but glitchy buggy, dumpy, and messy. Bassically if you get an Android don't update it, once you update it, it goes to crap. The OS the phone comes with most of the time is stable enough.

    I just know my next phone is an iPhone im tired of playing games with delayed updates, then you finally get it and it turns the phone into a bigger mess, glitchy, buggy and all of that. I about had enough of it. If i own an Android for 1 full year that is considered pretty good. I think an iPhone would go for 5 years, nobody would use it that long, but the fact it can. I like no problems. Do you?

    Steve Jobs is the "Phone God" I will give you that! The God or even a God at all? I don't think many Christian iPhone owners would agree with what you think.

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