Why I was disappointed in the SS model but not the Apple Watch

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by durangojim, Apr 10, 2015.

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    A little bit about me. I'm a watch guy. I have ever since I was a little kid and was fascinated by my dad's watch with a sweeping second hand, and windows for the date and day. Fast forward 20 years to when I bought my first fine time piece - an Omega Seamaster professional with a quartz movement. Later on in the late 90s I graduated to a Panerai, then Rolex, and a number of high end watches that I bought and sold, but the Panerais and Rolexes were the constants.
    I wasn't looking to replace any of my timepieces with the Apple Watch. Rather I wanted to supplement them by wearing the Apple Watch at work and using it to stay in contact with my friends and family in that environment. I like to keep my phone on my desk and not in my pocket while I'm doing my work around my office, but that means I have to go back to my office to check my phone often or I'm out of touch, so the Apple Watch and a connection through wifi would be perfect for me.
    After reading all of the reviews stating that the SS was a premium model that exudes luxury, I had my hopes up. I preordered one this morning and went to the Apple Store to check it out. When I arrived I was surprised that the watch was much smaller than I expected. The fit and finish on it was nice but there was no "heft" to it. The weight difference between it and the Space Grey Sport model is 20mg and was negligible to me, someone who wears a SS Rolex or SS and titanium Panerai as my daily watches. I didn't care for the completely polished case as it was a total finger print magnet and all the oils really took away from it's attractiveness. I tried on the classic leather strap and the leather loop straps. The leather straps they use are nice, but are no way premium. If you want to see what a premium strap is, go to a Panerai dealer and ask to see their straps. Apple has nothing on the leather, crocodile, ostrich straps that Panerai makes, it's not even close. The SS didn't give me a premium feel and to me was less attractive than the SG Sport model which I had also ordered.
    As far as Apple being a luxury brand. No.
    The reports I've read of the experiences people who are buying the Edition models are pitiful. Eight years ago I called the Panerai boutique in Beverly Hills and spoke to the manager. I told him that my family and I were traveling from Michigan and were looking forward to visiting the boutique as I had been a collector for about 10 years. He immediately asked if he could take us to lunch when we arrived. When we did visit he did just that. We had a lesiurly two hour lunch where we spoke about watch collecting and many brands - JLC, Rolex, Omega, Panerai ,etc. After lunch we went back to the boutique and he showed me all of the watches they had, from $5000 to $45000. Some were already purchased and waiting to be picked up but he carefully let me look at all of them and could answer every question I had about any detail. I finally decided on one that was $11000. I had never told him up to that point that I wanted to purchase a watch. After I told him I had made a decision, he gave each of us in my family a Panerai key chain, he gave two books about the history of Panerai to me, a Panerai dress shirt, and an extra crocodile strap that retailed for $300. That is a luxury watch buying experience, which is not something Apple does.
    After being let down by the SS watch, I fell in love with the Space Grey, and found that it would be unique in my collection. I look forward to start wearing it in a couple of weeks because I think it will be a great tool, I just think that Apple Watch 2 will hopefully improve some of the things I didn't like about the SS model (maybe a carbon fiber or titanium version?)
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    To be fair, you're comparing $5k+ watches to ones that top out at $1k. Two very different products and two very different target audiences. People who buy expensive watches to show off their wealth will get the Edition just to say "I can afford this". Hardcore "timepiece" people won't touch the Apple watch. Why would they? They don't have the wrist space for one. I almost bought a Speedmaster last month but decided to wait until I decided if I was going to get an AW.

    I'm glad you liked the Space Gray. I almost got that one too but ended up with a base SS for now and I'll wait to see what the 3rd party strap market offers.

    Oh, my Apple Enterprise rep took me to lunch last month. I didn't have to buy anything. :p
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    Sounds like the watch salesman needed your money much more than Apple does. Props to him for going the extra mile.

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