Why is my white macbook NOT faster than my unibody

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by one1, Feb 15, 2016.

  1. one1, Feb 15, 2016
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    My MacBooks:

    White 2010 2.4 ghz unibody / 4gb ram / Kingston SSD

    Aluminum 2008 2 ghz unibody / 2gb ram / Stock HD

    Using geekbench 3 I have ran the tests several times as closely as possible disabling any extra programs and running the same 10.11 OS X on both. The Aluminum MacBook always destroys the white MacBook on the scores every time I run the geek bench 3 program. The white MB boots faster thanks to the SSD, but really it's not THAT much faster. When I switch the SSD and 4gd ram to the Aluminum MB, it gets even faster. The white MB drops off in score a LITTLE, but not as much as expected.

    All the disks are ran after using first aid, memory test, etc.... to ensure everything is operating properly.

    Is there some reason why the Aluminum MB is scoring so much better on geek bench and operating so much better in the real world? Even on things like Photo Booth the camera on the white MB tends to stutter while the aluminum one is smooth as butter.

    Help me out here, am I going crazy or is there something about the aluminum unibody that is better?
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    My first guess would be bus speed. Go to system profiler and look at your negotiated link speed on the Sata tab on the 2008 MacBook
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    What graphics chipset did the 2010 MacBook have? I seem to recall it had the follow-up to the 9400m that is in the 2008 model both of which were OpenCL compatible so the combination of faster clock speed CPU and faster GPU may be the main reason for the difference. As mentioned the ram speed may be differeny (1066 MHz for the 2008 and probably 1333 MHz for the 2010 model).

    Actually - checking Wikipedia, the 2010 model had the same ram but did have the nVidia 320m GPU so the pure clockspeed increase is probably your best bet.

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