Why is thing happening... (hardware problems iPhone 4s)

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by rph12, Jun 30, 2012.

  1. rph12, Jun 30, 2012
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    Jun 30, 2012
    I just replaced the screen in my iPhone 4s. I put it all back together and it all works well (minus the lag when typing...that's for another thread I guess...); however, the battery keeps cutting out sometimes (screen blanks out as if your battery had just run out of life) and then proceeds to immediately begin to reboot on it's own.

    So the question is: What is wrong? Why is this happening? How come my phone hates me? Why do they make the screens so hard to replace on the new iPhone 4s? Why does Apple hate my happiness? Why can't I haz cheezberger? How can I fix it?

    (Ignore all questions except for the first and last >.>)
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    So you tried to replace the iPhone 4S' display all on your own without any help (or paying for an official repair) and now you wonder how it all could have gone wrong?

    We can't just know what you did and where it went wrong.

    So what is wrong? You did something wrong. How can you fix it? Take the thing apart and carefully put it back together again - and hope you don't miss anything this time.
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    Take the back off again and double check all the connections. Did you make sure the battery connector is firmly attached and screwed in place?

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