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    Link: Why the iPhone Forced Steve Jobs to Play (Somewhat) Nice: Cult of Mac Analysis
    Description:: After liveblogging the iPhone 3G unveil, PM's guest Apple geek unearths the new landscape for the turtlenecked titan that Silicon Valley loves to hate. Did Apple back down to the mobile market with its new $200 device? Or was Jobs always waiting for the day when he'd deem the iPhone good enough for everyone else?

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    Good article. It points up many of the frustrations I'm feeling after the Keynote. There have been so many little things left unfinished with the iPhone 2 (like video recording capabilities, copy-and-paste) that seemed like a no-brainer for inclusion. Perhaps there was such a rush to get the new hardware and design finished, that everything else was put on the back burner.

    My main concern, though, is that Jobs is usually correct in the long run. All I can imagine is the possible nightmare of having undertrained AT&T wonks setting up (or screwing up) my iPhone. Since AT&T has control over that now, are they going to start pre-loading their own stuff on there as well?

    Jobs has always stressed simplicity. I bought my wife a Touch, and setup was so seamless (and painless). Having iTunes set up the iPhone was a brilliant move. When the iPhone debuted, most people activating the device with iTunes were up and running within minutes, while those who went to AT&T sometimes had to wait days.

    With the first generation iPhone, Apple changed the way the cell phone industry operated, wresting control from the providers. Now it appears he's giving that control back, and I'm not sure it's a good thing.
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