Why the Powerbook may not come out till October!

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by gopher, Jul 1, 2003.

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    Mar 31, 2002
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    OK, I'm sure there will be some flaming but Apple has in the past
    had one case where it took them 11 months to update their Powerbook line. February 2000 to January 2001.

    Now a 15.4" Powerbook may be what everyone in here wants and especially since Digitimes had that rumor way back in February it sounded possible for them to release it, but that's still no guarantee.

    Apple has some things to encourage them to keep the 15" Powerbooks just as they are. Migration to Mac OS X is still not yet at 50% and they'd like to get it up there. Apple already took a step backwards with the G4s after the release of the G5s to make a lineup of Mac OS 9 booting G4 desktops. So when will the next Powerbook be released? October is my guess. One other reason is that is just 2 months prior to the expected Panther release, and would help those machines fall within the usual 2 to 3 month time frame of the up-to-date program.

    Not to mention the fact the 17" Powerbook didn't really start delivering until April. Apple needs at least 6 months of a product usually before it releases a competing product.

    Furthermore at http://www.macprices.com, there is still plenty of supply of 15" Powerbooks at all the shops it covers.

    The strange thing is, this seems more logical than the release of 15" Powerbooks now.

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