Why use a monitor instead of a TV

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by hldomster, Apr 6, 2009.

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    I was just wondering, what are the advantages of using a monitor instead of a TV to use a computer on.

    I mean, other than the fact that a monitor is much smaller, why don't people just buy an expensive TV to use with their computer instead of an expensive monitor? Does a TV not give a better image considering the decent ones have contrast ratios of 60000:1 whereas the ACD get about 1000:1 and even the decent Dell ones only have about 3000:1

    Like I'm sure there must be some reason, other than the size. It's just, you can get a 32" really good Sony BRAVIA for the same price as an ACD or equivelent 24" monitor.

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    Monitors have far higher resolutions. No sanely-priced TV has anything over 1920x1080, while all monitors from 24"-29" have 1920x1200, and 30" monitors have 2650x1600.

    Oh, and manufacturers make up contrast ratios. There is no unified measure of difference in brightness, so they make up crap. There are "1,000,000:1" ratio TVs. They're no different than the 5,000:1 ratio TVs whose manufacturers don't lie.

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