Why won't my chosen email address work for my website? (Google Domains)


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Oct 14, 2013
Sorry to ask this here, but this is literally the only forum I'm a member of. Any help greatly appreciated.

I have a Wix website and the domain is through Google.

In Google Domains I've set-up email wildcard forwarding so anything@mywebsite.com will forward to my Hotmail address.

However, the one I want (mail@mywebsite.com) doesn't work! It doesn't bounce, it doesn't appear in my Hotmail, it just disappears. Literally anything else followed by @mywebsite.com works, but not "mail". I can't see any settings in Wix or Google Domains that might be causing this.

What have I done?! What can I check? How can I make this work please?


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Sep 15, 2011
Vilano Beach, FL
Is it possible there's an existing, actual mailbox with the 'mail' username, so mail@ is being handled as an inbox vs. a forward? So the priority is mailbox, then wildcard (as they exist), maybe cross check your email accounts.
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