Why you don't work on your iPhone past midnight... A curious tale of total stupidity.

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    Jan 16, 2014
    Okay... So. Let me start this story from the beginning. For about the last year months my iPhone 4's charging cable has been in the process of disintegrating. Finally, about a week ago, I decided that I'd had the half stripped cable for long enough and that it was time to get a new one.

    Well... To make a long story short I decided I wasn't willing to pay $25 bucks to buy a new iPhone cable from Apple for a new cable and that I could get one on C-List. So I found a deal that was selling some cables for relatively cheap (should have taken this as a warning). Anyway, I bought em and used em for about a week.

    Last night I turned on my iPhone and the built-in speaker on the iPhone wasn't working. With a bit of troubleshooting I realized that the iPhone speaker itself was fine and that it was probably in fact the dock connector. More than likely this was caused by having a new (and faulty) cable...

    This is where doing things to your iPhone late at night gets bad... So I looked up online that supposedly some good ol' rubbing alcohol might be able to get it clean (if cleaning it is the problem... Which, if I'd thought about it longer, I probably would have realized that that was most likely NOT the problem). So yeah, I turned off the phone, took the battery out, and put a little bit of rubbing alcohol in the dock connector and let it sit for about an hour or so.

    After an hour, I was quite sure that the alcohol should all be gone (it was 91%, so pretty pure) and I decided to put the battery back in and test it.

    WELL! Much to my surprise, in that hour long period, the alcohol had somehow (probably when I'd tilted the phone), gotten in between the digitizer and the glass.... So now I had this large wet splotch stretching across my nice iPhone screen.

    At this point I completely flipped out. What had started as a "relatively" minor issue. Had just turned into an issue involving liquid.:eek:

    As if I didn't have a bad enough case of the late-night-stupids (in addition to probably an elevated heart rate...?) I went and grabbed a blow dryer in hopes that maybe the heat from the dryer would get rid of the moisture under the screen.

    For about 1-2 minutes I put the phone under varying levels of blow dryer heat. Annnd at the end of all this, the splotch on the screen was STILL there and I now had a tiny orange dot in the lower right corner, more than likely from the heat from the blow dryer.

    The site of the orange spot was just too much for me, I stuck the blasted thing on my desk and went to bed.

    And for a current update... Most (though not all) of the alcohol under the glass is gone, maybe in another few days it'll all be gone I hope. I'm also hoping that the orange dot is just a slight melting of the glue inside the iPhone screen and that within a day or so maybe it too will dry out and disappear. Last but not least, the sound on the phone is intermittently working, I'm still fairly sure I've got a faulty dock connector.

    And the moral of this story is! DON'T MESS WITH YOUR IPHONE PAST MIDNIGHT.

    Or for that matter, buy cheap iPhone cables off C-List.
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    Gotta be in it to win it
    You had me lol with this tale of stupidity that could befall any one of us
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    I don't understand, how can a cheap cord stuff your speaker up?

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