Wifi connectivity of 4G versus WiFi-only iPads

Discussion in 'iPad' started by macbook123, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. macbook123 macrumors 68000

    Feb 11, 2006
    Ok, I've almost rationalized keeping the wifi iPad and returning the 4G one. My logic is that I use it mostly at home and work and don't want to pay for multiple cellular connections. I surely will own a 4G enabled phone (either Samsung galaxy s3 or iPhone 5 if the display stops being tiny) in the summer, and plan to instead rue chase a tethering plan for it. Also, my 4G iPad has noticeable background bleeding on one side which the WiFi version doesn't have.

    Anyway, while I was using the WiFi-only version this evening I noticed that the connection is intermittent and varies between one bar and 3 bars while I'm sitting in the exact same location of our house. The actual network speed seems to vary accordingly. I never noticed that behavior with the 4G enabled iPad that I've been using over the last 10 days.

    I've read of people having problems with their wifi on some models, but didn't see any discussion of a possible correlation between model and connection issues, i.e. in particular whether the 4G model had the issues and the wifi one didn't, or vice versa.

    Furthermore, I wonder whether the fact that the 4G model has a plastic bar on the top of the case affects wifi reception to any extent? Looking at the ifixit tear down it seems as if the wifi and 4g antennas are sitting very close inside the iPad, however it is not clear whether either of them sits near the plastic bar. But I find it hard to interpret the pictures ifixit posted.

    Can anybody shed any light on this?
  2. Bebel macrumors member

    Jan 8, 2008
    I had both the WiFi and Verizon iPad 3 and my LTE iPad consistently had better WiFi signal. This really helped in my use case scenarios because one of the couches that I like to sit in when I use my iPad is very far from my AirPort Extreme. My LTE iPad had no problem getting a decent signal and bandwidth while the WiFi only worked only intermittently at that location.
  3. dsjr2006 macrumors regular

    Jun 29, 2007
    Metro Detroit
    I don't see any difference between my iPad 2 which is Wifi only and my iPad 3 w/4G...
  4. macbook123 thread starter macrumors 68000

    Feb 11, 2006
    Does anybody else have negative or positive experiences with their wifi only iPads?
  5. Grandmaster B macrumors newbie

    Mar 9, 2012
    Returned my wifi only 3rd gen for a 4G today and the 4G is getting exactly the same wifi reception in the different areas of my home as the wifi only model did.

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