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    After reading the transcript of the press conference, I still have a bunch of unanswered questions. I will list them here in the first posts and add yours with them. As we get answers, I'll update the first post so we can have all this info neatly bundled together. If you can answer some of the questions, please do so, and if possible, post a link to your source.


    Pricing and Release dates

    November 19, 2006
    - United States: US$249.99
    - Canada: CAD $279.95
    - Mexico: MXN $4990

    December 2, 2006
    - Japan: JP¥ 25,000

    December 7, 2006
    - Australia: AUD $399.95
    - New Zealand: NZD $499.90

    December 8, 2006
    - Eurozone: €249
    - United Kingdom: GB£ £179
    - Ireland: €266

    - Only one configuration and color (White)
    - In the box: Wii, Cables, Sensor bar, 1 Wiimote, 1 Nunchuck, Stand, Batteries
    - Wii Sports is also included in North America, Europe and Australia territories.
    - Opera browser sold separately (Free until June 2007)
    - Wii connects through wifi or wired internet connection
    - Size: approx. 4.5 cm x 15 cm x 20 cm

    - Extra Wiimote price: US $39.99
    - Extra Nunchuck attachement price: US $19.99
    - Classic controller: rumored $19.99 US, 1,800 ¥ (JP)
    - Suggested retail price for Wii games: US $49.99, £35-39, 45-49 Euro
    - Virtual Console games prices for NES: 500 Wii Points (US $5.00)
    - Virtual Console games prices for SNES: 800 Wii Points (US $8.00)
    - Virtual Console games prices for N64: 1000 Wii Points (US $10.00)
    - Wii Points Card (2000 points): US $20.00 (CA $24,00)

    The Hardware

    CPU: IBM PowerPC codenamed "Broadway" (90 nm SOI CMOS process).
    GPU: ATI codenamed "Hollywood" (90 nm CMOS process).
    Memory: 1T-SRAM
    Storage: 512 megabytes of internal flash memory, One SD memory card expansion slot
    Video: Up to 480p. Component, S-Video, or composite output. 16:9 widescreen support.
    Audio: Stereo - Dolby Pro Logic II-capable. Built-in speakers in Wii Remotes
    Online connectivity: Built-in Wi-Fi or through a USB-to-Ethernet adaptor
    Media: Slot-loading disc drive compatible with 8 cm GameCube disc or 12 cm Wii disc

    - Up to four Wii Remote controllers supported
    - Two USB 2.0 ports
    - One Sensor Bar port
    - Four Nintendo GameCube controller ports
    - Two Nintendo GameCube memory card ports

    The OS

    - Wii Channels
    --- Mii Channel
    --- News Channel
    --- Forecast Channel
    --- Photo Channel
    --- Message Board
    --- Internet Browser
    - Built-in Parental Control


    Q. Can I watch DVD movies with the Wii?

    A. No. Nintendo of America's vice president of marketing and corporate affairs, Perrin Kaplan, confirmed to IGN Wii today that its forthcoming Wii console will not play Hollywood DVD movies. The decision to remove the functionality was made in order to deliver the machine at a cheaper cost and because most people today already own DVD players. Source

    Q. Is the Wii region free?

    A. No. The Wii games and online services will be region coded. It was first mistakenly reported otherwise by Nintendo's own Perrin Kaplan. Nintendo of UK general manager, David Yarnton, since comfirmed otherwise. Source

    Q. Can I re-download a previously purchased Virtual Console game? (In case my Wii is damaged or my SD card lost)

    A. Yes. When asked about Virtual Console downloads, Kaplan offered reassurance that paid downloads aren't permanently tied to the console they were bought on. In the event your Wii is destroyed, serviced, or the like, Nintendo will permit you to redownload titles to your new Wii. Source

    Q. Can I use a USB hard drive to store downloads?

    A. Maybe. On the topic of Wii's compatability with USB harddrives, Kaplan noted data storage would initially be limited to flash memory. While she admitted Nintendo could conceivably produce a compatible USB harddrive for Wii, the company has no plans at the moment. Whether or not players will be able to utilize personal USB harddrives is unknown at this time. Source

    Q. Can I play video files stored on a SD card?

    A. Kind of. In the photo channel demonstration, they played a video clip from the SD card. It is unclear if you can fast forward, pause or rewind the video. It was not demonstrated and the interface didn't display any buttons to accomplish such tasks. Source

    Q. Are there other colors beside white available?

    A. Not right away. On the availability of color variations, Miyamoto said, "Not at launch. Until Spring, we'll have a supply limitation, so we want to avoid the situation where people don't buy because their favorite color isn't available. We'll provide new colors after that. Our aim is a design that's not scary. Source

    Q. Is the Wii remote rechargeable?

    A. No. It uses 2 AA batteries. Battery life will vary depending of the features used. If the controller’s pointer function is being utilized, the batteries will provide the controller with around 30 hours of life. Meanwhile, if just the accelerometer is being used, the battery life of the controller doubles to 60 hours. Source

    Q. Is the classic controller a wireless controller?

    A. Yes… Kind of. The classic controller is a wired Wii remote attachment. It won't be wired to the console but you'll have to make due with a cable dangling from the classic controller, connecting it to the Wii remote sitting somewhere nearby. Source

    Q. What kind of video cables is included with the Wii?

    A. It comes with one standard, composite cable. That is a standard composite cable…just like what you are used to from the Cube. Source

    Q. Will component cables be available on launch day?

    A. Yes. According Nintendo of America's Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communications Perrin Kaplan, many major electronic outlets, such as Best Buy, GameStop and Circuit City, will carry the component cables in-store and online beginning on launch day. Source

    Q. Can the Wii connect to a WPA/WPA2 protected Wi-Fi router?

    A. Yes. The Wii's connection menu allows you to choose between WEP, WPA-PSK (TKIP), WPA-PSK (AES) and WPA2-PSK (AES). Source

    Q. Can I use a GameCube controller to play Virtual Console games?

    A. Yes. All virtual console games can be played using the Classic Controller or Nintendo GameCube pads. Source

    Unanswered questions

    Q. Can I use the Wii as a wireless router to play online with my Nintendo DS?

    - - - - -

    Some links

    Official Wii page: http://www.wii.com/
    Wikipedia article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wii
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    My unanswered Wii questions

    - Q. What will the Wii price be in Canadian dollars?
    Edit: Got my answer

    - Q. What type of video/audio cables are included in the box?
    Edit: Got my answer

    - Q. Is there still a USB port?
    Edit: Got my answer

    - Q. Is the Wii remote rechargeable or do we have to use AA batteries?
    Edit: Got my answer

    - Q. How much for the classic controller?
    Edit: Got my answer
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    Jan 8, 2005
    The box comes with 2 batteries, so I would think you just replace them.
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    Some details about the Wii Chanels. Source: Wii-x2. Thanks

    Looks to be they're emphasizing the Remote/TV metaphore.

    Full description of each of the channels.

    The Wii console will revolutionize how people play games. But more importantly, it will entice new players into the world of video games by offering a variety of entertainment, information and communication Channels that add value to the console and make it a device that the entire family can enjoy. The Wii Channel Menu will be the first screen shown on the television, as it easily integrates itself as part of people's everyday lives.

    Disc Channel: This channel allows users to play either Wii game discs or the entire library of Nintendo GameCube discs.

    Mii Channel: Fun caricatured portraits created in this channel can be used as characters across a variety of Wii software. Portraits can be stored in a user's Wii Remote and taken to a friend's house to play on another Wii console. Each member of the family can have his or her Wii Remote personalized with a caricature.

    Photo Channel: This channel allows users to take digital pictures stored on an SD memory card and display them on their television screens. Users also can manipulate the photos in a variety of fun and creative ways, such as zooming or creating mosaics, puzzles or slide shows. They can draw, add stamps, and copy and paste. They also can change the "mood" of photos by brightening them, converting them to monochrome, inverting the color or changing them to stark black and white. Users can even add an MP3 tune to their slide shows. It provides a fun and easy outlet for people to edit their digital pictures. Users also can send their pictures to other Wii consoles by attaching a photo to the Wii Message Board.

    Forecast Channel: Users who have connected their Wii console to the Internet can access free local weather forecasts just a few seconds after turning on the Wii console. The WiiConnect24 service automatically updates local weather information. Users can view forecasts for cities around the world on a 3-D globe.

    News Channel: Users can access breaking news with the touch of a button. When connected to the Internet, the WiiConnect24 service automatically updates this free channel and organizes it in a variety of topical categories. Users can see where news is happening by viewing the location of news stories on a 3-D globe.

    Wii Shop Channel: This is where users go to buy Wii Points or redeem them to download classic video games to the Virtual Console. Users also can use points to download the Opera browser used in the Internet Channel.

    Internet Channel: This channel dramatically changes the relationship between a user's home, the television and the Internet. Users download the Opera browser with Wii Points. Then they can surf the Internet right from the comfort of their couch. They can do quick research while watching a television program ("What was that actor's name again?"). Or book travel plans and shop during commercials. The service is compatible with Macromedia Flash.

    Wii Message Board: Forget hand-scrawled notes tacked to the refrigerator door. Users can leave messages for other family members on a calendar-based message board. They also can use WiiConnect24 to send messages to people outside the home as well. Even better, people can trade photos and text messages with cell phone users. The service also allows for incoming messages targeted at software, such as a new map or weapon for a game. Games can constantly be updated, thereby extending their playability.
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    I would love this title to be released outside of Japan… if only for a cheap second Wiimote ^_^

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    From the hardware section on the wii.com site...
    Therefore there has to be at least one USB 2.0 port.
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    Most likely. But this page predates the Wii announcement so there still is a slim possibility that it could have been removed. I can't really find the source of this rumor. I'd like to find some more recent comfirmation that USB is still on board.
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    Ok! From the horse's mouth:

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    Yeah this I need to know. Of the 90 or so NGC games I have, over 80 are NTSC. If I need to buy an imported wii to play them, i'd like to know sooner rather than later, but suspect we'll have to wait till release before we fully know...
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    These are the only two questions I care about! I really hope they include S-Video with the Wii. The amount of dot crawl on composite is ridiculous. And for the classic controller, I'm hoping it'll cost no more than $30/£20. After all, it's really no more complex than the GC controller.
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    I think I've got my price. Anyone know where they got that from? Sound great to me.

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    Aug 23, 2005
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    There's a federal sales tax (Goods and Services Tax or GST) and a provincial one (Name and amount varies for each province). GST is 7%. Here is a list per province for the other sale tax: Link Taxes are generally not included in the price.

    Visitors can get most, if not all, of those taxes reimbursed.
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    Aug 23, 2005
    Oh well €249 it is then. Wii Aeroplane (on Wii Sports) best rock my world ;) :D
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    Dornbirn (Austria)
    in the japanese presentation it was listed with 1800 yen;
    the same as the nunchaku add-on which turned out at 20$ for the US so i guess it will be similar priced
    (that's only a guess)
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    Jan 8, 2005

    there is no 'Wii Aeroplane' in Wii Sports.
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    New Zealand
    For what it's worth, one of NZ's biggest game shops is advertising a 29/11/06 release here, but they don't have a price. They also say that the date isn't final.
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    That's reassuring. Thanks guys.
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    Aug 23, 2005
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    There is a post on digg saying that the photo viewer can play video clips. Can anyone confirm or deny this? Link?

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    Yes, with SD cards methinks.
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    My burning questions:

    1. Does it come with component cables?
    2. If not, will they be available at launch (or will the Gamecube's work with it)?
    3. Why is the virtual console controller wired? And does it support rumble for N64 games?
    4. Can I use a Gamecube controller with the virtual console, and does the Wavebird work?
    5. Is Opera free until June 2007 in territories outside of Japan? (does it expire in June 2007 then you have to buy it, or do you just need to download it by then?)
    6. Do all games support 480p widescreen, and does the Wii OS support 480p widescreen? Do Virtual Console games support 480p?
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    1. I'll go out on a limb and say no.
    2. Probably.
    3. At least at E3, the virtual console controller was an extension of the Wiimote, you plug it into that for communication with the system.
    4. Yes, and yes (you have to plug the Wavebird adaptor into the port still)
    5. Good questions.
    6. All Nintendo made games will be 480p, 3rd party can do it or not.

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