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Discussion in 'Games' started by kakkoiimac, Feb 1, 2007.

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    "IGN Wii: Dewy's Adventure looks to use a top-down perspective and appears very different from Elebits. Elebits was all about manipulation of objects in the environment. Does Dewy's Adventure use heavy physics in the way that Elebits did?

    Mukaitoge: For Elebits, we placed a great degree of emphasis on physics. We did not focus much of our energies on the graphical presentation of the game. For Dewy's Adventure, we spent all lot of time on perfecting our graphics technology. We worked hard on our textures. We are very proud to say that we have implemented normal mapping in Dewy's Adventure."


    looks like the wii can do a bit more than a lot of people gave it credit for...konomi has done some normal mapping. I wonder why people said that normal mapping was impossible on the wii. Anyone know where this misconception came from? Anyway...just goes to show the farther we go the more they will pump out of the hardware...
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    The Wii is just starting out and they haven't tipped the ice with what it can do. The Wii is more powerful than the xbox/GC and we all see how far the GC can take it....the wii powers have not been put to the test yet....give it time.

    Look at those two original game on te Wii...what are they now?

    Disaster: Day of Crisis and Dawn of Hammer or something?

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    IGN, are they seriously this naive? The XBox offered normal mapping with its antiquated GPU and they weren't sure a modern GPU supported it

    Metroid 3 should bring the Wii to a whole new level of visual purdy.

    Anyway, this game looks insane. It reminds me of Kirby, so I'll check it out.

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    Dont care much about normal mapping but that game looks great. This is just the type of game i love.

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