Wii remote sensitivity?

Discussion in 'Games' started by admanimal, Nov 24, 2006.

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    Those of you that have a Wii, how sensitive is the remote? By this I mean, for example in Wii Sports baseball, does the speed of a pitch depend on the speed you "throw" with the remote (not the same speed obviously, but relative) and does the accuracy of the pitch depend on how straight you move the remote? In tennis can you control what kind of spin you put on the ball or anything?

    Basically I'm trying to figure out how gimmicky the remote is going to be in the long run before I break down and buy a Wii. If it's the case that you can just shake the remote around any which way and it works, then it's going to get kind of lame pretty quickly (like those ping-pong TV games they sell at mall kiosks). But if the remote is good enough that you really have to do something that is kind of like what you want the game to do, then it should be good.
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    In theory, yes. I haven't played Wii Sports enough to answer that specifically, but I do know that the controller senses vertical/horizontal momentum and everything. Wii Sports isn't that in depth of a game so I don't know how far it goes in some cases.

    The ball DOES get thrown faster the faster you move the remote. Same in bowling.
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    You determine the spin/angle of the pitch in baseball using the d-pad and a/b buttons before you actually toss it. And yes, the speed of the pitch is relative to the speed of your motion. However, it's very hard to throw slower than 65mph.

    The bowling game has very realistic input, as far as angle, speed, and spin.

    Tennis, you can put a topspin on your serves, I've done it on accident, but can't pin down how to do it again. The angle you swing does determine where/how high your return goes. You can also do front/back hand returns. Tennis is a lot of fun.

    BOXING, however, I find, has the most input options, with all kinds of punches, blocking, ability to lean left/right forward/back to dodge. That's a hell of a lot of fun, and quite a work out.

    The Wiimote is not a gimmick, it's a gift from god.
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