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Discussion in 'Games' started by zap2, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. zap2 macrumors 604


    Mar 8, 2005
    Washington D.C
    Well I've had my Wii for about 3 weeks now, and the TV I use with it sometime goes blurry. Its still playable, but it makes the graphics look like crap. So I plan to get a new TV come my birthday, maybe a little before. It will be a xMas/Bday gift(my birthday in Jan 14).

    I've been looking a TVs, mostly LCD, possible a cheap, on sale Plamsa(I found a one on sale on amazon) Also I wouldn't mind it being white to match my Wii, but thats not a must.

    I'm looking to spend about 800USD, give or take. I don't want to go below 26'' either. I'll only be using it for gaming, and space in my room is lacking so I know I want a LCD/Plasma.

    Does anyone have any ideas? Should I go SD, ED or HD? LCD vs Plasma?(I was looking at this http://www.amazon.com/Sylvania-6842...1_6/002-4982346-7813625?ie=UTF8&s=electronics for my Plasma option)

    I searched for a thread on this topic, if I missed it send me there because I thought there had been threads like this in the past.
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    Dec 8, 2005
    For your price range I would look for an on sale 32" LCD HD TV. I know Target and Walmart have had a couple of these on sale the last couple of weeks. Just make sure it has lots of inputs ;)
  3. Dagless macrumors Core


    Jan 18, 2005
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    If you're not planning to jump into HD broadcasts and just use the Wii then save money and get an EDTV. I mean HD+small or ED+big I suppose the choice is.

    Remember though... Money you save can be spent on more Wii junk ;)
  4. Gizmotoy macrumors 65816


    Nov 6, 2003
    I'm using a refurbished 30" widescreen CRT Philips I got for $200 shipped from their outlet during a sale ($320 something regular price). For the money, I couldn't happier. It supports 480i, 480p, and 1080i. For a couple more dollars you could have gotten the rest of the HD specs but I cheaped out. It was only supposed to be a temporary unit, but I really ended up liking it so I kept it. If you can scrounge up the extra room (it's not big, but it's deep and heavy), I'd be inclined to save a bunch of $$ and buy more games.

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