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Discussion in 'Games' started by jamescwarren, Jan 6, 2007.

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    When I eventually buy a wii, I'm just wondering what the WiFi reception on it is like as I would like to use the WiiConnect24 service thingy. I would be putting my wii upstairs (wireless Netgear downstairs.) And just a quickie, have PowerBook G4's been known to be... well not very good when it comes to WiFi reception? In the room where I am gonna put my wii, the PowerBook G4 was never really able to pick up a signal. Now with my MacBook (not Pro), my signal strength is about 110% better?
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    My Wii is in the same office as my Airport, so I don't have a clue. :)

    I would guess it's like your MacBook, since the console is using newer tech than your G4.


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