Wildblue Communications Satellite launches Monday, July 11 at 20:43est

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    Wildblue Communications Satellite launches (with live broadcast) Monday, July 12 at 20:43est)
    Note: Title of thread needs to be adjusted to: "Wildblue Communications Satellite launches (with live broadcast) Monday, July 12..."

    First article

    Telesat Canada says it's about to blanket North America with access to high-speed Internet service with the planned launch on Monday of the world's largest communications satellite.

    The 6,000-kilogram Anik F2 promises two-way links for consumers on their computers, at a competitive price, by using a frequency never employed commercially before. The service will be targeted, beginning in October, to the approximately 25 per cent of the population that is out of range of traditional cable and DSL broadband services.

    The Anik F2 employs Ka-band technology, which can transmit data faster and more cheaply than the standard Ku-band. Telesat says data will flow at about one megabit a second and will require a smaller antenna at the consumer's end (just 66 centimetres in diameter).

    Second article

    The F2 won't just be big -- it's six tonnes of advanced satellite gear costing an estimated $400 million U.S. to build, launch, insure and put into place.

    It will also be the first of its kind dedicated to a relatively new technology, in addition to traditional telephone and television communications.

    "It is really two satellites in one," said Telesat chief executive Larry Boisvert. "It will be the largest and heaviest satellite ever put into commercial orbit."

    The F2 is the first satellite carrying Ka-Band technology, which will deliver high-speed, two-way Internet access and support new broadband-sucking uses such as distance teaching and medicine.

    Wildblue Communications

    Link to satellite launch - Note: Broadcast best viewed with Internet Explorer. Requires RealPlayer or Windows Media Player.


    My comments: This would be great for me, because I'm on dial-up, I've been disconnected over 50 times in the past 4 days (nice move, GWI), cable/DSL isn't available for 25 miles out or more, and there isn't an affordable Satellite alternative with cable/DSL upload speeds!
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    I didn't see what type of security that they offer with transmission of data. So I sent them a message. I hope that they will be successful. Competition is needed so we get better service and lower prices.
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    No doubt, someone needs to punch TimeWarner in the throat!

    So many wireless technologies... how many brain tumors do I really need?

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