Will a PCI video card work in an G4 dual processor AGP Gigabite Ethernet mac??

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by cozmo, Jan 19, 2008.

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    Jan 19, 2008
    I have a G4 mac - Gigabite Ethernet with dual 1.3 gig processors, 1.5 gigs of ram & an AGP slot. I currently have an ATI Radeon 8500 video card in the AGP slot which is a dual card. I need a 3rd monitor for my setup. My question is:
    Is there any PCI video card that will work in my machine? I record audio, so do not need the graphic power of some of these cards. 64mb or less will work. The machine originally came with Dual 500mhz processors, but I upgraded a couple of years back to dual 1.3gb. I have asked many people & buisness's, but either don't get an answer or contratdicting answers. Need help!!:eek:
    If this is not possible, is there anyway I can view a 3rd monitor with some other device?
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    i don't know if the g4s were able to run more then 2 monitors. i think they can only run video card, either in the AGP slot or a PCI slot. you can get a cheap $20 or so mac pci card from an older mac and test it yourself?
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    I'm fairly certain that this will work, because I had nearly that exact machine (single processor Gigabit E-net G4) with an AGP and PCI video card in it.

    The PCI card was an ANCIENT Rage Pro 4MB card (the person who sold it to me was, I assume, just using the monitor it drove for palettes or something), but if that worked newer ones should as well.
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    thanks for the replys

    In order to try it, I will probably have to get the ATI 9200 as I am running OS 9.2.2. The cheapest one I have found so far is around $80.00 on ebay, brand new in the box. I believe they are 128mb. I have not found too many small rage cards & none work on os9.2.2. I would assume that I could download drivers etc. to make them work though?
    Thanks for the replys, I appreciate.:)
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    Yes, a PCI video card will work if it is a Mac version (PC cards will not work). I recommend a used ATI Radeon 7000 if you are on a budget. It is a 32mb card and performs fine for normal uses. It can be had fairly cheaply on ebay.

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