Will announcing iOS 6 give the game way on the new iPhone?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by PerfectDB, May 31, 2012.

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    If the current rumors/leaks regarding a longer screen are to be believed, then surely it would make sense that iOS 6 is being designed to take advantage of the additional screen real-estate.

    The problem for Apple is that even if they make no specific mention of any UI changes if they announce iOS 6 at WWDC, the provision for the extra screen space would still be there buried deep within it's code, and would quickly come to light as soon as the beta for is released.

    Given their history of secrecy, I can't imagine Apple announcing iOS 6 if it will expose the design of the next iPhone several months before a possible fall release date. This, along with the large number of 'leaks' of late, lead me to believe that both new OS and the new iPhone will be announced together - sooner rather than later.

    What do you all think - Is there a way Apple can release the betas without revealing any hardware changes?

    Has this happened in the past - with the iOS4 beats was there any mention of double the screen resolution for the iPhone 4 (if I remember, the retina display come as a complete surprise to almost everyone)?

    Your thoughts please;)
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    They kept the retina display secret, they can keep a larger screen secret.

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