Will apple ever go back to the os x design of mountain lion or mavericks?


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Oct 17, 2014
Appreciating the ("relatively") simplicity and stability of ML and Mavericks, I wonder what my next computer will be? I understand the design logic of apple. Make mac to be fun to use and cater to people in all ages. However, personally the design cues in 10.10 are just not my cup of tea. iOS, i don't care because you don't do too much serious work there.

Can you buy a new mac and downgrade it to previous os x versions and not meeting some hardware supporting issues? I guess not.

Maybe a hackintosh is the best bet because I don't want to upgrade to latest os x anyway. And it is legal as long as you are not selling them. (right?) I just don't have time assemble one together..

What are your plans guys?


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Jul 17, 2002
Hackintoshes violate the OS X EULA, period. The rest of your post makes my head hurt.


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Oct 27, 2013
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Ah dunno, but if you want a new Mac with Mavericks should be plenty of "old stock" from last month with Mavericks installed. Last Fall I bought a build-to-order Mini a few days after Mavericks debuted and my Mini came with 10.8.3!

I installed 10.10 on a partition on my Mac Pro to test it and didn't care for it. Not a fail--iPad users should love it--but I found the iOS look ugly. Plus, slow startup, I'm not an iCloud user or wanting to "handoff" working on docs between my iPhone and Mac. The worse part is Yosemite broke a couple of my essential audio apps so I'll stick with Mavericks until the apps catch up.


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Jul 24, 2011
Utrecht, The Netherlands
Along the way it will probably change again but for the meanwhile the current design is here to stay. I got to admit it is a lot more getting used to then ever before. If I had the option I would probably like to keep the grey of Mavericks with the features of Yosemite. But that is not an option unfortunately.

With Yosemite my external monitor is really bright (giving me a nice headache) I already tried to change brightness among other options but that hasn't helped that much. So I'm still debating on if I go back to Mavericks. :confused: