Will Apple repair my system? (Video & photos included)

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by LastKobol, Oct 30, 2010.

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    Oct 30, 2010
    Well this is a case of bad luck here. First I started to notice the corner of my computer had a crack which basically grew into a larger crack that you see here. I took it to the Apple Store (and I am hoping this was documented) and they offered to repair it then but I was paranoid that my data would get erased. I had no back up at the time so I decided to get a external HD and back my info up. Had some back luck doing that. Shortly after I noticed the back of my computer had a dent in it, likely from being put with my school textbooks or something.

    I am worried that when I go to the Apple Store they are going to say I dropped it and the dropping caused it to crack like this. The dent is in the EXACT same spot on the back which is pure bad luck from my perspective. Like I said I did go when there was just the crack. There was no dent at the time I first got the crack, the dent came AFTER the cracking. I am under Apple Care and it is about to run up. Does anyone know either way if this is covered? Would it matter if the rep noted that there was no dent on my case back then?

    I remember it being a big deal with them when it was just the crack so I am guessing they won't repair it with the dent in the back also? If it is not covered is it true the price to fix this out of warranty is more expensive than just getting another computer? I have the alum MBP and I'm guessing the constant opening and closing made a stress point (back and forthing with the alum lid) caused it to crack?

    Here is some video of it. There is no problem with this, I just don't want my backlight/screen to short out or something. Recently I am starting to get these little colorful lines showing up. They show up in the same spot though, usually 1 or 2 lines. I am not sure what this means but I'm starting to get worried.

    Here is the little green line that shows up at random. Usually only when I move the screen so I just leave it open at night to reduce having farther issues.


    Here is some video of the crack and the dent on the back that came after.


  2. MartyF81 macrumors 6502

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    Give it a try.... if they have something about it in your case file from before you might be ok... if it has been a long while since then you may not be so lucky.
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    The lines could be from pressure applied to the screen (EG wedging your computer into a backpack) - I've been there.

    Just go to the Apple store (same one) and try.

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