Will Cook come up with any innovative products or just improve on what Jobs did


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Oct 9, 2008
So now that iOS 6 has been released to somewhat critical reviews, does anyone think Cook will come up with the next great thing for Apple or will he simply just improve all of the Jobs era products (iPod, iPhone, iPad, etc...).


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May 31, 2010
Austin TX
Apple will slowly die. Jonathan Ive can only keep them alive for so long. He is the only good thing left IMHO.
and you think that because he got some MSM coverage.. lol

there is a lot of talent at apple or they wouldnt be in business. im sure there is people just as good as ive, they just dont have the lime light


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Feb 5, 2009
First off, no country, company ... anything for that matter, stays in power or popularity forever.

Second, I think Apple has enough momentum that will carry it for years to come. True, that momentum will be dictated by corporate decisions made going forward, but even just with the iPhone, iPod, iPad and iTv, Apple has a firm grip in the technology for for years to come.

I agree with others. Jony and the other design team members have a lot of talent and skill. Jobs was the conceptual backbone behind the iPhone and iPad, but others really made it a reality.
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