will "erase all content and settings" upgrade ios

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by aeae54, Mar 17, 2012.

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    Mar 17, 2012
    i have been googling and havent found my exact answer to my question, possible because it hasnt been relevant until 5.1 came out, anyway, sorry if its been answered before but heres my question:

    i have a jailbroken 4s with 5.0.1 and i want to "erase all content and settings", or otherwise wipe it clean and still be able to jailbreak it again. i know i will lose my jailbreak, but will it automatically upgrade to 5.1 now that its out? will i still be able to rejailbreak it? is there a way to reinstall (not downgrade) 5.0.1 since i presently have it installed and have my blobs saved? also, a bit off topic but the reason i ask is becuase i am getting terrible battery life (like 4 hrs) and im wondering if theres a way to monitor which processes are using so much battery...



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    If you hit the erase all on a JB device you'd be stuck at the apple logo and you will need to restore it.
    And with the 4S the only option you will have available is restore to the latest 5.1
    But in general NEVER hit the erase all content and settings on a JB device. 100% of the time it will not load and you will need a dfu restore to get it to start again.
    With the 4S there is no way to restore to older firmware, even if you do have your shsh blobs saved. They are currently useless but good to have them available for later if they find a way to use them.
    So if you go to 5.1 you'd be stuck with no JB and no there's no way to restore or delete everything on your iphone 4S without going to 5.1

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