Will M$ ever learn?

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by scem0, Oct 18, 2002.

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    Jul 16, 2002
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    Will Microsoft ever learn that dishonesty is bad? Probably not... Well here is a story that is rather amusing to a mac user:


    It is about a Mac user who 'switched' to a PC, and then it was later figured out that the ad was fake, Microsoft 'regrets' it. LOL
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    Sorry Scem but you haven't been keeping up very well have you. There has already been more then one thread about this and I think it happened like last week or earlier this week.
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    Jul 18, 2002
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    Yeah, scem this was posted about a million times last week.

    But in answer to your question is they will learn when the consumer takes a stand and buys competing products.
    MS recently implemented Licesing 6 which many an analyst predicted would be a blow to MS's hold on the business industry, but guess what. It didn't.
    Cuz people think there are no other options than MS.
    Staroffice might not be great, but I'll bet you that it'll do what most people use office programs for.
    Plus there are many other MS equivilent programs that businesses could use, but refuse to try.
    Why fix what ain't broken right?
    It's not all businesses however, major PC manufacturers such as Gateway have ditched Office for Lous Notes or Word Perfect or something like that, I forget what exactly it is.[​IMG]
    One of the first signs of a monopoly is raising prices without a product to back it up.
    It started with Office, then moved on to charging $199 for XP Home which is about 50 times more buggy than the $299 XP Pro.
    MS is doing nothing but gouging their customers for every cent without delivering a product to compensate.
    They've even talked about charging you for better security![​IMG]
    The one thing we can do as consumers is not support this.
    We can only stand up to bullsh*t for so long.
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    I thought about saying 'I bet this has been posted already'but I decided against it after I didn't see anything on it in the general mac forum's 1st page. Sorry 'bout that.
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    Now that's really wrong, scem. You have a feeling that something was already posted, but you go about posting about the thread anyways.

    Searching the forums is what I usually do if I'm not sure if a topic has been discussed. It didn't kill me, and it won't kill you. Try multiple terms if you don't get anything back.

    If you think the topic has been brought up before and the search option fails, mention that you searched already and found nothing.

    You get off easy with that avatar, though. :p

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