Will music kiosks change the retail landscape?

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    Description:: Potential new ways and means of getting digital music into the hands of the buying public but still affetced by the lack of interoperability with the iPod. Only unprotected MP3s and tracks bought from the iTunes Music Store can play on the popular iPod; the tracks sold by kiosks are protected with Microsoft Windows technology, and thus are unable to be transferred to the market-leading iPod.

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    Young marketing exec - I have a better idea than this, why not reduce the price of CDs to increase the sales volumes...?! :eek:

    Old Music exec - Nah lets not!

    Young marketing exec - what do we do then?

    Old Music exec - Lets put 'cool' kiosks that are not iPod compatible in airports so that people can buy music that they hear on the spot while waiting for their flight and put it on their 'plays for sure' devices

    Young marketing exec - Who uses those?

    Old Music exec - 95% of the worlds population that have PCs

    Young marketing exec - Yes but the iPod has 75% of the music market

    Old Music exec - Ah, but we want to give our customers more choice and iPods only play on Mac computers that only have 4% of the market - Plus we don't want to give Steve Jobs at Apple computer any more power than he already has. It is all about choice and 'plays for sure' is all about choice for the customer. They have over 60 devices that customers can play music on and Steve Jobs doesn't control any of them :D
    Plus the Apple music store is a stupid little closed system where as the Microsoft music store is a fantastic open system that lets all the other devices use it. Besides you just wait, pretty soon Steve Jobs and his stupid little Apple company will be taken over and go out of business because they wont let anyone else on to their computer system so they will wither and die.

    Young marketing exec - :confused: But I have an iPod and EVERY body in my college dorm had iPods and they just work!

    ...to be continued
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    Aug 30, 2003
    Thats a poorly researched article. The MediaPort machines mentioned in there can do Bluetooth transfers, but most of the content is indy and unprotected. The primary function of their vending machines is to burn custom CD-Rs and jewel cases.
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    Aug 1, 2003
    unfortunately probably, its very sad to see the good old stores dissapearing slowly. nothing can beat the feeling of buying a record from a store. ive tried an ipod but never owned one. im not interested in one either.

    mp3s sound like **** too. this whole world going digital has many many negative sides. its killing art and music slowly. power and greed.
    People cant draw and soon cant write with their hand.

    Im proud of dont being a mp3 fan and never owned a silly ipod. its all hype and marketing.

    cds and LPs are good enough for me.

    cant find what yoru looking for? try harder at second hand LP stores. get your ass from the pc (call it a mac whatever), stop eating those fat burgers and loose some weight by walking to cd stores.
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    Feb 22, 2005
    depends what bitrate mp3's are at to the last poster...if you go toward the high end I can't tell the difference (256kbps and up)

    You might want to listen to some mp3's that were actually done right at a high bitrate.
  6. winmacguy macrumors 68020


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    New Zealand
    Using spell check before posting can be helpful too, ;)
    although I definitely agree with looking for those hard to find CDs in second hand CD stores. I buy all my own CDs even though we do now have a number of online CD stores although because they are selling a reduced bit rate at the full CD price I don't yet believe that they are good value for the customer.

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