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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by SHirsch999, Dec 30, 2012.

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    Apr 19, 2011
    I know this is impossible to know right now, but based on how apple has done things in the past, will this be possible? Currently, my wife and I each have 16GB iPhone 4S' on AT&T. They will be eligible for early upgrades around the time the next iPhone is released, if it happens in October the way it has the past 2 releases. Also, if the past holds true on the next release, the 4S will be available for free on contract. My question is, will it be possible to use our early upgrades to get 2 free 4S' at that time? We are both very happy with our current phones, and the iPhone 5 doesn't have much to make it worth upgrading for us (Obviously we don't know what the next phone may have). We also understand that we would be agreeing to 2 more years with hardware (and software when we can no longer update it) that is only getting older, but free phones would make it worth it for us. It basically would equate to free "iPod touches" for our kids, or we could sell them and make a nice profit.
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    Yes you could but by that time you are signing a 2year contract for you both just to get a 4S for not that much profit. I would say its a bad idea.
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    Part of me thinks, why waste an upgrade on the exact same phones, but if you're truly happy with them, why not? But what if some better does come along that you feel you can't wait for the upgrade? That would be my only reason for not doing it. But if you can actually say it doesn't matter and you will love your 4s despite what else is put out, then do it. Your bill isn't going to change. At that point though, I would look into trying to buy them outright off contract. I'm not sure what the prices would be.

    EDIT: Never mind! Lol. Just saw the off contract price of the 8GB 4 is still $450. Disregard that portion of my comment.
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    Apr 19, 2011
    Thanks for the reply. I understand about the profit thing, but my primary motivation is making them into iPod touches for the kids. They would essentially be free with the savings going towards a retina iPad mini for me when they become available in the Fall. :D
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    It might be more profitable to simply sell the new iPhones and take a part of your profit and purchase used iTouch4's for the kids.
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    Never waste your upgrade on getting the "free" phone. Always go for the newest model when you can get it for $200 even if you don't want it. There will be people willing.to pay over $700 for the newest iPhone around launch time. Pay $400 for 2 of the newest model and sell them for around $1500. That's more than enough for two new iPod touches and you'll have a large amount of cash leftover.
  7. tann macrumors 68000

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    If you want profit get the newest.

    But it would work.

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