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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by tardman91, Sep 25, 2012.

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    First a little background. I have a 4S and my wife has a 4. We both have unlimited data with Verizon. We're not eligible for upgrades until the middle of March 2013.
    My dad has an iPhone 4 on Verizon w/ the 2GB data plan and my mom has a dumb phone, which she hates.
    She wants the free iPhone 4, and to move over with my dad to a shared family plan.
    My Plan...
    Give my mom my wife's 4, switch my 4S to my wife's line, and pay my mom to get the iPhone 5 for her new smartphone line, then switch it over to my line when it comes in. I know there's a lot of phone shuffling going on there, but the bottom line is, will this let me get an iPhone 5 and keep my unlimited data, or will Verizon try and screw me out of my data on some technicality?
    I did something similar with my dad when he decided to get his iPhone. I gave him my 4 and just paid for him to get the 4S and then we swapped devices.
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    I'm no expert about this stuff, but it should work. It would just be like buying a phone off contract and activating it on your account.
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    Yes this will work, just never touch the upgrade on the ULD line.

    There has been some talk about exactly how to make the switch once you get your hands on the 5.

    You can look through this thread for several ways to do it.


    I would just take your mom, wife and all of the phones into a Verizon store and let them make the switch.

    One more point after you get everything switched make sure to double check a few days later that you are still on the ULD.

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