Will you re-purchase all of your apps when they increase the iPhone screen size?

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by skidbubble, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. skidbubble macrumors 6502

    May 17, 2010
    I, myself will not. I was already forced to buy them all a second time when the iPad came out. I'm fed up with the double (and possible) triple dipping.
  2. dkersten macrumors 6502a

    Nov 5, 2010
    I'm hoping all apps will be compatible. I can't imagine Apple making every developer update their apps. I hope that there could be a status bar to take up the rest of the space of the new screen. That bar could include things like sports scores, weather, setting toggles (wifi, airplane mode, etc.), texts, emails, etc.

    But I think I would jump ship to Jelly Bean if I had to repay for all my apps.
  3. aziatiklover macrumors 68030


    Jul 12, 2011
    Location: and
    Most of my apps are universal, and I can only see greedy developers to charge for HD content :rolleyes:
  4. mrsir2009 macrumors 604


    Sep 17, 2009
    Melbourne, Australia
    That would be epic :)
  5. NewAnger macrumors 6502a

    Apr 24, 2012
    Denver Colorado
    Only the free ones. I have used very few of the paid ones that I won't pay again unless the updates are free.
  6. Starfighter macrumors 6502a


    Jun 17, 2011
  7. brandyboot macrumors member


    Jul 8, 2012
    is it possible to request for a refund or free HD version if you have the old one or you really need to purchase it? if not... well, idk..... i would love to play HD games... >.<
  8. nutmac macrumors 68040

    Mar 30, 2004
    Aside from very few games, overwhelming majority of developers did not charge for retina iPhone 4 update. I expect the same for new iPhone.
  9. brandyboot macrumors member


    Jul 8, 2012
    well, that's good to know... all my games are not available in HD (yet) and i haven't got any news as to whether they're going to increase in size...
  10. bruinsrme macrumors 603


    Oct 26, 2008
    Nah I would pass. I don't have a single game that I would be willing to repurchase.
  11. SplitIt!, Jul 17, 2012
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    SplitIt! macrumors newbie


    Jul 10, 2012
    It is extremely extremely unlikely that you will need to repurchase your iPhone apps if they change the screen dimensions.

    If the dimensions are only increased in height (not width), I imagine most apps that are based on tableviews will work correctly out-of-box.

    Highly mod'ed UIs with UI elements anchored to specific screen coordinates are really the only apps that will have problems with new screen dimensions.

  12. Quotenfrau macrumors 6502


    Mar 6, 2011
    that's why I never buy apps (only one time a podcast client)
  13. techiegeek1225 macrumors member

    Jun 29, 2012
    Not at all. I mean, I will for sure repurchase a few if those apps are somewhat work related or games that I am ultimately hooked at. If the screen size increases thus making me more efficient for work then i will repurchase, but again just a few of them will do.

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