Win iTunes review on longhorn site

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Oct 19, 2003.

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    A glowing review--and some tips for you

    A good read--and at the end he notes some features he initially missed, and criticizes the Microsoft "Fester" response.

    BTW, here's the scoop on customizing the visualizer:

    Type H (or ? or /) while watching and you'll get some key commands. Type H again for more. Play around: you can cycle through different variables (colors, waveform effects, and background effects) with the keys Q/W, A/S and Z/X. And the M ("mode") key can freeze the current effect so it doesn't change on you while you experiment. Then store your favorite configs in the number keys for instant recall. You can also set the Mode to "user Config Slideshow" and iTunes will cycle only your stored favorite effects.

    One last tip: the effect you store in the zero key is the one that iTunes will always display when it first activates. Get rid of the "orange circles" and replace them with whatever you like!

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