Windows PC security company's switch to Apple Mac causes ov...

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, May 28, 2005.

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    I like the blog entries from other members of his company, who have been taken along for the ride... and liking it :)

    James: We're doing what now?

    I've known Winn for a few years now, and when he called me up and said "We're switching to Mac's", I have to say, I didn't believe him...

    I'll be strait with ya, I'd just taken my wintel problems with a grain of apathy each time they surfaced. I just accepted that all of the problems, the viruses, malware, out-of-the-box insecurity and even the beloved BSOD were just part of the package. I ran a slew of third party programs to maintain my wintel pc and I had a backup routine that was full of fiber...

    I wanted to see if the stories the mac users told were true. The underlying BSD OS with a proven OS? Sensible security settings out of the box? Sounds like a fairytale wintel users tell to their children, so needless to say, I was an easy sell. Couple with that the proported security and the sheer lack of viruses?

    ...Well, it's been a few weeks now and all and all, I'd have to say I'm smitten. I look forward to using my Mac every day, and I can honestly say I've never felt that way about a Windows machine. Lets face it, it's a sexy beast and it's just been one pleasent surprise after another...
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    RSS for Security Awareness

    The Security Awareness site has an RSS feed with their articles (including the "Mad As Hell" series). You may want to subscribe to it using your favorite reader (I have installed it as a live bookmark in Firefox) in order to catch the future installments of this article.

    (The URL I provided is the URL for the RSS feed. Thanks to some nice programming by the people at Blogspot, it is also viewable as a normal web page if you don't have an RSS reader.)
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    A friend of mine who has every network security citification that I believe is or was available (he has been in IT since before it was called IT). He has recently switched to all G5 systems at home, and one G4 Imac for his son.

    In his work, he decided running OSX behind a home build BSD Firewall device was a good way to keep competition or hackers away from his home PC's, including files that contain security information for his work.

    I was happy to see his setup for the first time, and yes, he still has windows, just doesn't turn it on in his house often anymore :)

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