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Dec 29, 2001
Yo people I feel like a laugh
So I was wondering if there are any windows rumors sites out there....
I can see it now 'major headlines' my PC crashed again, Yeah
anyway post em if you know of any

Ensign Paris

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Nov 4, 2001
I don't think there are any because Windows doesn't have a culture behind it, because 90% of the people who use it don't actually care what they are using its just a tool. Where as Apple users the percentage is much much lower.



Jul 9, 2000
a whole line of windows xp server suites?

all of microsoft's windows techs (mcse's and such) getting to keep their certifications for life as opposed to having to recertify every two years?

A .13 micron process athlon which will crush the pentium 4 and be ultra low wattage and thus potentially a great laptop processor...after it debuts as a desktop processor first (i am sure about this one)

some version of windows and office with availability only on the internet and a monthly charge for using it, plus other software...and using a dummy terminal with your hard drive space in redmond at microsoft?...i would not be surprised is uncle bill wants all info on his servers;)


Jul 9, 2000
as long as they keep the bugs, my pc IT business is safe

i just hope that the hardware and apps side of IT stays healthy long enough for me to retire with high tech...he he

one day, however, programmers will rule the roost as hardware will be disposably cheap and everyone will be at least a semi-geek...some say this will happen in as little as ten years...but probably not


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Nov 22, 2001
As long as there is a job in networking in 5/6 months for me I will be happy enough. Afterall, the amount of work I have put in with CISCO I'll be annoyed if there is not!


Jul 9, 2000
i just started cisco studies hoping that my home and small business clients will go WAN one day

at this point, most are not even LAN

i have two fears about cisco

1) that they will go out of was the backbone of the revolution

2) that WAN will never catch on outside of enterprise level businesses with more than 10,000 computers

3) that a new, cheaper standard will come along and some new company will take over the WAN duties of gear is not cheap and that is why so many businesses stay LAN only...linksys is a potential threat to cisco

i hear takes a ridiculous amount of training to be a true WAN administrator vs the standard Novell or Microsoft LAN administrator

Mr. Anderson

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Nov 1, 2001
Originally posted by Macmaniac
A windows rumors site would be the most boring thing in the world peroid!
Not really if you were a PC Zealot. Think of all the mac bashing that you could do? There probably are some PC Rumors boards out there. I visit a couple other boards and everyone has its own community, that's what really make them special. Stranger things can happen given all the crazy people out there.:D


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Sep 18, 2001
you're missing something

the thing you are missing about a windows rumor site is that microsoft is quite open about everything they do, want to know the next 2 oses to come out and when they plan to debut, longhorn, 2003, and blackcomb, 2005. secondly, apple is the all around, the whole system, ms is just the os, nothing more, and so what do they care. people will continue to buy the computers, apple is different, if they announce a g5 is coming in two months, nobody would buy anything for the next 2 months, they'd wait for the g5. apple needs people to buy without waiting and hoping, by keeping their releases secret, the accompish this. windows, and somebody said it perfectly, most people use it as a tool, we all know what the g4 can and can't do, what the specs are on the g5 if it ever does come out, we actually care about it. windows users say "it's got one of the pentium things in it right?" and they are happy. as a pc tech and mac tech, i don't need to go to a rumor site for windows, all i have to do is go to or or, and i have all the "rumors" i need.


Jul 9, 2000
Originally posted by Rower_CPU

With a name like yours, I don't think you're one to judge.
he he

yeah inhale, don't make comments on techie stuff, you have a better chance being president with a name like that;)


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Sep 13, 2001
Portland, OR

Originally posted by jefhatfield
A .13 micron process athlon which will crush the pentium 4 and be ultra low wattage and thus potentially a great laptop processor...after it debuts as a desktop processor first (i am sure about this one)
...they already released the laptop version of this, but the desktop version isn't out yet (and I'm not at all sure it'll crush the P4, the recent FSB boost helped it a lot. We may have to wait for Hammer to get a P4 killer).


Jul 9, 2000
Originally posted by AmbitiousLemon
i think i would consider theregister somewhat of a windows rumors site. they have a mac section, but they report rumors from all over.
at first i didn't like the register but now i find it a cool visit

been missing you around here the last couple of weeks...good to see you back, lemon

all us old timers disappear one by one it seems:(


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Jan 6, 2002
Buffy's bedroom
OK, now this is kind of weird, but I'm going to quote myself :rolleyes:

This is a post from an old thread on a similar subject.

Originally posted by Beej
PC rumor:

"Our sources have confirmed that Dell will shortly be releasing a revamped version of it's current 'beige-box' model in a different shade of beige. Other sources are also suggesting that the new enclosure will feature slightly different dimensions, possibly 1 cm thinner and 2 cm taller, although this is less certain.

"Michael Dell seems to staying ahead of the rest of the pack in the 'style race.' And with a new shade of beige, and possibly slightly different dimensions to compete with, HP and Gateway sure have some catching up to do..."


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Jan 18, 2002
I heard a rumor that 'Windows' is an operating system but as yet this rumor unsubstantiated.

Several million people claim to be running 'Windows' however the screenshots I've seen seem to indicate the code is in a pre-alpha state.



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Feb 1, 2002
you wanna laugh ??

sorry....nothing to do with Winroumors but it gives you a good laugh !

go to:

go to "gallery"

check out "Head Rush" or "Push"
"war" shows how a TiBook can be used for as an alternative weapon !

but all are hilarious funny small movies :)

just saw some of it on BBC "click on Line"
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