WIRED Secret History of the Apple Watch

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    WIRED Secret History of the Apple Watch

    See it's articles like this that show why Apple makes the best consumer electronics in the world. It's the amount of detail and attention they devote to every product that makes them hugely successful. For example how they mentioned it took Ive a year to approve the taptic vibration and sound for certain notifications, it's the little things like that that you never think of when using your Apple product.
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    This is part of Tim Cook's Apple that I like. He has no problem letting Apple employees outside of the executive team get some recognition and exposure. And I think Apple needs to do more of this. Let the outside world in on the development process a bit. You don't have to give away the secret sauce. But I think people find this stuff interesting.
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    Very good article. Gives a bit of insight into the design of the watch, and why that geeky guy with no charisma was demoing it.
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    a few things about the article - the health features weren't mentioned at all. Does this mean they were secondary to the development of the watch? I'm thinking back to all the articles that stated the watch was crippled because they couldn't get some new health related technologies to work. This article perhaps indicates that the primary goal of the watch was to simplify your life and that health was a secondary goal.

    Another thing i noted is that they tried to do a time line user interface and felt it didn't work. That its distracting and doesn't simplify. What does this say about the new Pebble UI??

    Finally - When someone says "why didn't Apple think of that" - clearly Apple thinks of and tries EVERYTHING. What works - sticks what doesn't work gets dropped or re-thoughout at a later time.

    Great article!!
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    Great article. Love the attention to detail that goes into every aspect of making this watch.
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    It seems to me this is a slow drip of PR prior to the Watch's release. A couple weeks ago we had the Nightline program which focused on the health stuff. This article is more focused on software and UI. My guess is some of the medical stuff Apple is working on is still too top secret/not ready for prime time for them to reveal.
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    Terrific article.

    The salient point for me was the last one, "In all the time we’ve been talking, he’s never once looked at his phone."
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    Thanks for sharing this! It was a really fascinating piece on the development of the :apple: Watch.
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    Nothing, probably. Just because an Apple exec disses something doesn't mean it isn't useful, or useable. :) So they didn't choose that setup, so what.

    Maybe their implementation of a timeline interface differed from what Pebble is doing. Maybe the physical constraints of the Pebble is more suited towards a timeline layout, since it lacks touch input. We don't know, and we can't know, since we don't know what Apple's interface looked like.

    As for the fitness aspect, this article is focused more on the creative design aspect of the watch itself, rather than its specific feature set. A discussion on fitness tracking and its specific implementation in the Watch would have gone outside the scope of the article, and it was probably outside the field of expertise of the guy Wired talked to as well. There'll be other articles discussing fitness, likely in fitness-centric magazines. Wired is about gadgets, and technology, for gadget and technology-centric people. :)
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    This might be the first article I've ever read on wired.com and I love it! Their layout is superb.
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    Great article, thanks for posting!

    I agree, I love the layout.
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    "An early version of the software served you information in a timeline, flowing chronologically from top to bottom. That idea never made it off campus; the ideas that will ship on April 24 are focused on streamlining the time it takes a user to figure out whether something is worth paying attention to."

    Hmmm Sounds a LOT like the new Pebble eh?

    I love the idea that they did that and said "Nope, too much" and now its more of a 1-5 second interaction
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    I love this wallpaper. I wish they'd bring it to iOS or OS X.

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    New Watch Band Color?

    Is it just my monitor, or did they retouch the gold with black sport band photos to have a navy blue tint? It's a very nice color, and one my wife would prefer I bet.
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    And this is what you see when you first pair the watch with your phone. I'm assuming the color changes depending on which watch you get? :cool:

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    First article of theirs? Then you need to read this Wired piece from 2008 as well:

    The Untold Story: How the iPhone Blew Up the Wireless Industry

    Not as fancy a layout, but it has a lot more meat than the Watch article.
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    Great article, fascinating insights, although it obviously sanctioned by Apple PR and in some cases it shows (e.g. total ignoring of the battery life question).
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    Okay, but what they didn't say is how often he looked at his watch...

    Nervously checking the watch traditionally signals impatience. Probably still better than pulling the phone out the instant something comes as is the norm these days, we'll see.

    I would hope for a really good filter that let's YOU decide which notifications will arrive at all - i.e. VIP list only, etc.
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    Good article. I liked the sound of this:

    That sounds beautifully intuitive.

    I'd told myself I didn't need one and now I'm starting to want one. Ugh. Please stop posting this stuff, okay? :)
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    I hope the Watch will ultimately result it being able to have more granular control of notificafions. Maybe something to be announced in iOS 9?
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    I love Apple's attention to detail and the thoughts behind decisions. Most people can't seem to understand this.

    The little square iphone charger packs lots of engineering for example. It will charge your phone to 110%, let it drain to 97% and then recharge to 100% and keep doing this until you take your phone off the charger in order to protect the battery's health.

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