Wireless....One iBook, one PS2, one XBox, and one desktop

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by niter, May 24, 2004.

  1. niter macrumors 6502

    Sep 9, 2003
    After a seven month wait, we finally got the cable run out to our house! Now it is time to set up our network. Our old apartment solution of using a Linksys router from the modem hooking up the game systems and two computers is really not appropriate for our two story home. Also, I ditched the PC for a iBook.

    Right now, we have the cable modem, one conncetion (it would be $50 extra a month to have another hookup upstairs), and one Linksys router. The plan that I was thinking of would be to run the cable from the modem directly into the router as we did in the apartment. From there, we would have one cable to go to the gaming system of choice (when in use) and one cable go to a wireless device. My fiance is currently installing a wireless card in his PC. Once that is done the only devices requiring a cable would be the XBox and the PS2--although I know that I can get a wireless network device for the PS2.

    Is this idea good? Will there be enough speed (we want it as fast as possible and our current speed of straight out of the wall or straight from the wireless device is 400 Kb/s). Also, what device should we use. Currently, we are using a D-Link extender:


    Our friend will sell it to us or we can get our own. Should we get his or get a new one:


    I am not really sure if the new one will be able to give us even more speed as we are limited to 400 Kb/s.

    Maybe an extender is not the right thing....I have not tried it out through the router yet. Alone, it works perfectly for what I want. In order to have a line for the XBox, is our set up the best? It just would be so much easier if the XBox could handle wireless!

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    Sep 9, 2003
    Okay. I just found out he can get a wireless thing for his XBox. At the price it is, I doubt he will want to do it so the above questions are still questions!

    However, just in case I can persude him, which is is the best wireless device to have in the case of dividing it between two computers and one game console (as he cannot play both at once).

    Hahaha. My computer went online immediately. He is still trying to configure his. It is on the internet but refuses to connect. Winblows. Make fun of my Apple? Must bite my tounge.
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    May 6, 2002
    Brooklyn, NYC
    we have a real similar setup. cable modem, router, Airport Basestation, and Xbox in the basement. 2 iBooks and one PowerBook roaming around the house. and one PC on the third floor. the lower levels are handled by the router and base. we ran one long wire up through the wall and all the way to the third floor to the PC. everything works great. i've seen those Xbox wireless antennas and i don't think i'd trust them. i want as much bandwidth as possible for that sort of thing. we also are lucky enough to have the fastest home cable internet connection service in the country. it's disgustingly fast, with equal power on the upload too.

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