Wireless router or AE?

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    I should be buying a laptop soon- either the 12" iBook or the 12"PBook (depending if they update the line soon- and I can get an "older" one cheap).... I have roughly $1k to drop on a laptop- so really hoping they update the PBook line soon so I can get a G4 1Gz 12" for about that...
    It'll be my "backup/mobile" computer for surfing the net in the kitchen (looking up recipies while cooking :) as well as writing and surfing at the local Borders/Starbucks... I have a desktop so real power isn't an issue.

    But anyway- I have a few desktops and soon the laptop. Currently, it's all just online via a wired Linksys router- but with the laptop, I'll have to change that. So- do I just get a typical wireless router and cards for my other machines- or is it really worth spending the extra $ to get it all on Airport? Since there is a big price difference...advice?

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    You only need wireless cards for the machines which will be connected wirelessly, which means your laptop, as I took it. Any wireless router will do, as long as it matches the wireless protocol of your card(s). I believe you are stuck with airport (or AE) cards for the mac, but if you are looking at a 12" PB, you might get a deal with it included...below are some helpful threads about wireless routers and the like...good luck

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    The Airport Extreme base station has a USB port on the back for easily networking printers or other USB devices. Hence the higher price.

    Interesting system requirements listed at the bottom of the AE base station page:
    (3) Wireless printing over USB requires Mac OS X v10.2.73 or later and a compatible printer.

    Does anyone else know what 10.2.73 is?

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