Wish Me Luck!!!


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Oct 28, 2001
Greensboro, NC
Hey i just wanted to let you guys know that I go to school about 30 minutes from where the new Apple store is opening in Durham, NC. I went to the job fair for the mall it will be in and met some cool people.

I have final interviews next week, and I just wanted to ask for the hatmans official goodluck! and eyelike and spikey and and and and and. anyways, im excited so im making this ridiculous post. :)

its so funny, not even 7 months ago i hated macs.
now i know.


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Jun 18, 2001
WestCost, USA
goodluck :)

That would have been my dream job when I was in highschool I even applyed at CompUSA to be the "Mac guy" at one time... but didnt get it. (they said ONE was enuph)