With 8 Billion in R & D, what products/services do you think Apple is working on?

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    Like the title says, what stuff do you think Apple is working on at the moment? I know upgrades to current product lines but what other products/services could they be playing with?

    With the popularity of the 6th gen last year even Apple couldn't ignore it. They even added different watch faces for customers so it shows they were paying attention. People wanted an iPod watch. I think they went back to the drawing board to make a proper iPod watch with a better design, chamfered edge (like jewelry), GPS for Nike+, and built in Bluetooth for headphones.

    Apple Television set:
    We all know there have been many rumors and analyst reports of being a proper Apple TV set. I think the nut they have to crack of course is the Media outlets to make deals. The Apple TV box is doing a good job of steering the ship toward a full tv. Design wise: like a Cinema Display with a shorter base and black slate body.

    Tangible buttons through touch display:
    There was an article on here about this kind of technology that raised the screen to whatever shape the software needs. Sounds really cool and a little unrealistic but then again we thought no one would type on a glass screen 10 years ago let alone control the whole interface.

    Sorry if this is the wrong thread I thought this would be the closest to discuss this topic.
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    iPhone 6, iPad 5 and how they can make Macs even more unnecessarily thin and portable at the expense of features I'd like :p
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