With iPhone OS 2.2, Apple vaults iPhone, slights iPod touch

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Nov 21, 2008.

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    The link generates an error for me, but I see Apple having four options if the iPhone revenue is accounted for as subscription and the Touch is not (which I agree is a little odd now that we have subsidies, but it's clearly the case).

    1. They could charge Touch users for every update that iPhone users get free.

    2. They could give Touch owners only bug fixes and tweaks to old features, never new functionality, to keep updates free.

    3. They could make Touch owners wait until the update is big enough to be WORTH paying for. Let iPhone get bug fixes that Touch owners don't get until much later.


    4. Best of both worlds: give free bug-fix updates just as often as the iPhone gets them. But combine the new functionality into occasional "big" updates, so Touch owners don't have to pay for every single update. Maybe Touch owners will have the option to pay once or twice a year, and they'll have to wait until those times to get new features--but at least they can get tweaks and fixes for free any time the iPhone is updated.

    Apple seems to be using plan #4, which sounds like the best plan to me. I do understand the disappointment of Touch owners, wondering when the next "real" (paid) update will come along, and wondering what counts as a new feature rather than just a change to an existing one.

    (Now, if they would just charge a little more for the Touch and treat it as a subscription too, this would all be simpler.)
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    ^^ True that. It has to be that accounting nonsense. I guess OS 2.5 or 3.0 will provide the added functionality.
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    Basically they're talking about the omission of Google Street View and transportation/walking directions on the iPod touch.

    Personally I feel that Apple omitted it because Maps doesn't really cache images and according to one MR poster it no longer caches the small amount it used to on the iPhone. Without a cell connection Maps is pretty much useless ( I do wish we had the option to at least download the non satellite view).

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