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Apps With the demise of the Nike+ website, perhaps it's time for Apple to step up


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Jan 23, 2002
East Coast
Just found out that Nike has removed the run tracking feature from their website. So those of us who had previously used the Nike+ website to look at splits and maps ... well, we're just gonna have to make do with the NRC app. I guess I can't even look at the data on my iPad as that was via Safari.

I gave up on Nike about 6 months ago and previous to that, I had sync'd all of my data to SmashRun anyway. It had better features than the Nike website. However, I guess the developers of SmashRun may get tired of it over time and drop support.

So maybe it's time for Apple to allow all of that data that's sitting on my phone to be exported directly to an Apple website. That way, we can unlock our data from the phone.

Right now, I can use RunGap (with the SwagBag) or HealthFit to extract the data as a GPX file (or FIT). Would be nice if Apple automated it with the Workout app so that it went to a central webpage that's linked with my iCloud.

Maybe I'm just dreaming ....
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