Woman calls for ambulance for diabetic, police arrive and shoot to kill

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    Feb 11, 2010
    Interesting if true:

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    I had a co-worker who is type 1 diabetic. One day he was sweating profusely and became somewhat non-responsive. We called 911, paramedics came, they checked his blood sugar levels, found it was WAY low, we got him some fruit juice from the cafe, they might have done some other things to help, I don't recall exactly, but he recovered his wits and was fine. He wasn't in any state to do a good job following anybody's orders. Police seem to have a standard response of applying force whenever anybody doesn't comply with their orders. Not a good thing when, for whatever reason, be it medical condition like low blood sugar or autism or Down syndrome, the person being ordered doesn't have the capability of understanding what they are being told to do.

    But not knowing what happened in this situation, I can't specifically comment on it beyond saying I'm damn glad it was paramedics and not police who showed up to help my co-worker.
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    This is exactly why soon enough there will be survalince cameras covering every corner inside and outside people's residence, vehicles, and etc.
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    Unfortunately, the cameras will show the police officers doing what they are taught to do: "control and react". Sometimes the police officers are convicted of something if they were being especially egregious bullies. But, seldom is the department and its training questioned.

    But, only when police departments are forced to admit that their training is flawed, and that they need to train their officers to deal with the mentally ill, the physically ill, and the disabled, will this get better.

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