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  1. cdschar macrumors newbie

    Mar 26, 2009
    Hi I'm trying to format my page numbers for my doctoral thesis and I have to only number the pages for the body of the thesis and not the title page and table of contents. I set up a page break so that the page numbers start at the body of the thesis but they also number the first few pages. I can't get them to only number the body and not the first few pages as well. Anyone know how to set this up?? Thanks!
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    I've run into this problem too. My workaround is to split the document into two files -- then to specify no page numbers for the first one (the front matter), but have them for the second one. Then print. Of course if you have to submit the thesis as a Word document, that won't help.

    Back in the day (1971) I typed my 300+ page thesis on a non-correcting (but electric) typewriter. As I remember, no more than 2 white-outs per page were allowed. Correcting Selectrics weren't out then.
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    Do you need the numbers to be in the body that account for prior pages? I.e. the table of contents, figures, tables, etc. are labeled with lower case Roman numbers, then the body picks up with Arabic numbers? You can do this pretty easily by choosing 'continue from prior section'. On a completely unhelpful note, stuff like this is why I used LaTeX for my dissertation! :p
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    Mar 26, 2009
    Problem solved

    Thanks that helped. I had it set up so that the body was a different section and unlinking the two sections in the formatting palette fixed the problem.

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