Workers Pary, why do so many support it?

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by 840quadra, Nov 26, 2005.

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    I am looking for laymens terms for what exactly this workers party is all about. After watching a Quicktime video on PBS Frontline in regards to North Korea.

    I found the video interesting in regards to finding out more about North Korea, and learning a touch more about the people. Since then I have been reading DPRK webistes, that seem to be full of propiganda in regards to ideas from that government. I then stumbled upon a website in the US that is supportave and appears to be all about the "Workers Party".

    How can a group that supports a country who governs all media, print, radio, and video, complain about supposed propaganda being slung to the world in regards to North Korea?

    I understand that not too long a go Kim Jung Il had announced shutting down Nuclear plants, but this topic still intrigues and scares me. Many of the media that comes form the Japan media front from North Korea still has many articles of anti American content, and is full of "we are strong, and cannot be defeated".

    I absolutely do not want to see war, but I don't understand why our government will not talk with NK, and try to work with them. I am also angered by the fact that Bush stopped all negotiations upon his coming into office..


    I guess I just need to read more, but if anyone has any good sources for information, and or even video content to add to my interest, It would be much appreciated.

    I am not claiming that the US is correct, and my views are neutral, I just want to learn more at this point.
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    You've stumbled on one of the many far left splinter parties common among the socialist left. First let me say, it is a mistake to place your question in the way you do. "Workers Par[t]y, why do so many support it?" The answer is almost nobody does. If you're looking for a starting point about these very small organizations, there is a list of them that Ron Gunzburger over at has and here is what he says concerning the "Workers Party."

    note that the CPUSA stands for the Communist Party, USA.

    I should say that I've known a lot of Communists and Socialists in my life, and some of them did some very good work in various political movements. However, the Workers Party is so small, so new, and has so little influence that your post is the first I've heard of them. I wouldn't waste my time on them, especially if they are supporting the DPRK. It truly is a land of nightmares.

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