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Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by aafuss1, Apr 22, 2004.

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    May 5, 2002
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    Apparently, I found out about a new version of Microsoft Works-version 8 (only for Windows, but it could be run in Virtual PC on Macs):
    Offer Great Value at a Low Price Point. Works 8.0 offers a great set of core tools to get started. Tools to help with easier everyday computing, include a word processor, dictionary, database, spreadsheet, PowerPoint viewer, Portfolio tool, calendar & address book, Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0, Outlook Express 6.0 and synchronization for Pocket PC and Palm devices.
    Provide Ease of Use. Works 8.0 provides the easy-to-use Answer Wizard and improved Help. Users can get started quickly with templates and wizards for step-by-step document creation.
    Reduce Support Costs. Help reduce support costs with online manuals.
    Why Recommend to Your Customers?

    Works 8.0 is the first new release in nearly two years. There will be lots of excitement around this latest version.
    Proven Track Record. Works has been a consistent bestseller with good profitability.
    New Software Features.
    New dictionary tool
    New PowerPoint Viewer
    Improved spreadsheet functionality
    Improved, multifunction household calendar system
    Many Task Launcher improvements over version 7.0
    Core tool quality (auto-save and recovery added in WP and SS, code compiler enhancements for data integrity and greater reliability)
    Easy Data Organization and Access. The new dictionary aids customers in more effective communication, the new PowerPoint Viewer allows users to view Microsoft PowerPoint files, and the improved Works Spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel format, has more "Excel-like" navigation and functionality and supports multi-worksheets (including import from Excel) and opening Quattro Pro and StarOffice SS files.
    Enjoy a Web-integrated Experience. Works 8.0 helps make it easy to access the Web when buying a home or car, shopping, playing games, and more.
    Works Portfolio Tool. Your customers can collect and organize photos, text from the Web, documents and more in a personal portfolio. And Format Gallery enables quick and easy changes in font, color, and style in any document.

    It makes me wonder why Apple hasn't released a major update for AppleWorks in about 4 years (although it's been updated often, usually no new major features), whilst Microsoft is bringing out a new version of its Works package this year
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    Apr 7, 2004
    Why do you assume that Microsoft's upgrade cycle would influence Apple? I think Apple has given up on AppleWorks and yielded to MS in this category.

    Apple may be working on their own professional office suite to go along with Keynote, but they aren't going to say anyting until Office 2004 is shipping (and Office 2004 Professional won't be out until end of summer most likely).
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    Huh? M$ offers nothing to Mac users in the same category as AppleWorks. AppleWorks is a works program, just like the original AppleWorks for the Apple ][, ClarisWorks for the Mac, ClarisWorks for Windows, Microsoft Works for Windows, and the discontinued Microsoft Works for the Macintosh. Works programs are targeted at users in homes and schools. They are not targeted at professionals. I am constantly amused by children who somehow think that AppleWorks, a works program, is in any way competitive with Microsoft Office, a suite of standalone productivity applications.

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