World Of Warcraft Characters.

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Feb 24, 2005
Lots of WoW tech stuff. But, I haven't found any threads about what characters have been rolled.

So, what race and class do you play? For the veterans, make your recommendations. Base them on which roll is best for solo, party and just overall fun.


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Oct 24, 2004
Northants, UK
Priests and pallidins become VERY VERY popular in party quests.

And try skinning as a profession, theres always loads of corpses about and you level in no time.

I have mining, and a guild friend has skinning, shes twice the skill level i am simply by skinning other peoples kills.

Look for me in Dreanor, European server - same name as Macrumors.


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Jul 16, 2002
back in NYC!
I have 2 main characters:

Server: Dethecus
Faction: Alliance
Class: Druid
Level: 40 (got my mount tonight :D - nightsaber)
Name: Gretel

Server: Dethecus
Faction: Alliance
Class: Rogue
Level: 37
Name: Tixudao

I've stopped playing Tix though, cause Rogue is increadibly boring. Every fight is the same, sneak up behind, cheapshot, sinister strike, sinister strike, sinister strike, sinister strike, eviscerate, repeat as is neccesary. Rogues are also overpowered so I wasn't challenged much.

So I made Gretel, a druid. Druid is a TON of fun. Most definitely the most versatile class. Bear/Dire Bear form is okay for tanking. Cat form is okay for bombing. Caster form is great for (erm) casting, and great for healing. I've specced to be a healer/caster, so my feral ain't all that great, but I use cat form to stealth all the time.

So, I can stealth like a rogue, tank like a warrior (well not really, but I can tank okay), cast almost as good as a mage, and heal almost as good as a priest. Druids are the jack of all trades, the king of none. But if you get to know the class well, you can minipulate yourself into any situation.

Many people say the druid class sucks, which is very false. It's not overpowered like paladins or rogues, but it doesn't suck. You just have to be smart when you fight (unlike warriors/rogues, etc). You need to know when to root your opponent, when to use your natures swiftness, when to use feral, when to cast, and when to fight.

Druids are well desired in groups for their flexibility, and for their great healing. A druid specced to heal can heal just as well as a priest, IMO. They just aren't as straightforward. People who say druids suck might say something like 'we don't have an anti-aggro spell, like a priest's fade', but we do, you just have to morph into cat form, then use cower. It works, you just have to think when you fight.

I've found the best armor for the druid is eagle armor (int + sta); I tried owl (int + spi) but I was too easy to kill, so I ditched that and now I'm much more effective.

I also have a level 19 hunter, which I found to be boring, but most people really enjoy hunter.

As for professions: I recommend doing 2 gathering professions. I have extensive experience (from Tix) in enchanting/tailoring and that can earn you a ******** of cash. Enchanting is in very high demand on my server though. I am an alchemist/herbalist on Gret, and I enjoy it, but it doesn't earn me near as much money as enchanting, but it is easier to level. I'm already at 300/300 herbalism, and 270/300 alch. Enchanting takes forever to level, and it starts out very slowly. But I recommend doing 2 gathering professions, like skinning and mining, because that will earn you the most money. Auction every stack you gather, and you will be earning big bucks, and you won't have to worry about creating anything.

I also recommend picking up First Aid. It can get you out of many tricky situations, and decrease downtime in between fights. Easy profession to level too.

My lvl 19 hunter is skinning/leatherworking, and I don't earn much money with that. I'd earn more money selling the skins/hides rather than using them to make things.

Other recommendations:
* The AH is your best friend. I auction almost everything I get, and benifit greatly from it.
* Exploit other users ignorance. I frequently buy owls at 40S from Darnassus and then sell them for up to a gold in IF, because people don't know they are available in Darnassus. Knowledge can earn you a lot of money.
* Use the AH in gadgetstan, even though it rarely has much stuff in it. I've boughten two pet snakes from the gadget AH (which as a horde only pet, and only atainable to alliance characters through the multi-faction AH in gadgetzstan) and then I reauction them in AH. They go for about 2G.
* If you come across a merchant selling a recipe, or plans of some kind where they sell a limited (usually 1) amount, buy it and auction it. I bought a recipe for a clam soup from a vendor in an obscure place in tanaris for 30S, auctioned it for 70S. Did it the next day too, and will probably get it again when I visit Tanaris again.
* Don't be afraid to level your profession past your level. I am only level 40 but i'm almost maxed with my profession. I am at max level herbalism. I go into lvl 50-60 territory and gather high level herbs, which I auction, and they get me a lot of money.
* Group often. It will speed everything up, I promise. You get XP bonuses for grouping.
* Sleep in cities or inns. You get a rested state and earn 2x XP on kills. Very important.
* Join a guild. They provide invaluable connections.

I better go to bed, it's 6 AM ><.



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Mar 29, 2003
I think all characters can be fun depending on what you like to do. My characters are in my sig.


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Mar 18, 2005
I play as a warlock and they are very fun. Warlocks are more complex than most classes and they can summon different creatures. They can summon a felsteed instead of buying an expensive mount.


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Mar 13, 2005
Server : Blackrock

Lvl 60 Paladin (4th December)

Lvl 60 Hunter ( 18th December)

Lvl 53 Mage (Still Going)

meh meh meh ive got no life


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Apr 21, 2004
Got a 60 mage myself... still no desire to start up an alt.

A friend of mine also got her hunter to 58, started a mage for some reasons, and hasn't played the hunter since. Every day she tells me how much more fun the mage is to play.

I guess to each their own, but the mage is incredibly versatile, and provides satisfaction whether nuking from 40 yards with fireballs or taking on 5+ at a time with instant area of effect spells.


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Feb 13, 2004
Ware, MA
Server: Doomhammer
Arandor, lev 60 Dwarven Priest (holy spec)
Malangeren, lev 60 Night Elf Druid (Feral, since I already have a healbot)
Grumdar, lev 30 Dwarven Warrior
...and a couple low lev Horde chars

Server: Feathermoon
Silvestra, lev 16 Human Paladin

Arandor is a pure group healer, and I usually just take him out for high end instances now. If you like to group, playing a Priest is a surefire way to do so. I usually start getting tells within a minute of logging in from random people.

Malangeren has been a lot of fun so far. With him I'm going to go feral for something different. Druids are very versatile, and can fill several roles in a party.

Silvestra I play when Doomhammer is down.


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Mar 5, 2002
The Netherlands
Got a level 37 Night Elf Hunter on german server Alleria.

If any of you european WoW players would like to join our Mac Guild there just drop a line here or on our Site. Or on Alleria just mail me to Tiauguinho. Guild name is Team GeeFive.

We are on a PvE server, but nonetheless, one raid or two over some horde camp always makes us feel good :D

I've seen a lot of people with doubts on how to spec up their character. I would seriously recommend that you take a look at the official WoW Forums. There is a lot of good stuff in there! go take a look :)


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Jun 15, 2004
Playing lvl 46 Night Elf Hunter on Spinbreaker (pvp) europe.

Hunters are very nice to solo with, the pets take the aggro and damage, while the hunter damages the mobs and heals the pet.

If things fail, you can always feign death.

THe hunters also sees the enemies on the minimap, making things easy to plan an attack.

Overall the best solo player, maybe except the palladin.

After lvl 40 the hunter also can use mail armor and is much better in close combat.

The important things for a hunter is agi. A lvl 40 hunter can often have +150 in agi bonuses, 80 ranged dmg/sec and 70 dmg/sec meele (with dual wield) + a pet with about 30 dmg/sec.

At lvl 43 the hunter should tame King Bangalash in Stranglethorn (a lvl 43 elite panther), hes much faster than a mount and have nice damage and attack speed!

The problems for hunters is that they often are underrated in teams.


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May 10, 2004
Southern California

Name: Stallion
Race: Tauren
Class: Hunter
Pets: The Rake (Twiki) and Echeyakee (Snickersnack)
Level: 18
Server: Lightbringer

Skinning lvl 150 (gave it up for mining/engineering)
Mining lvl 83
Engineering lvl 107

Skinning is FAST...I had it to 150 in a couple of days, and I don't play that much...

Soloing is fun with a hunter, but later on you don't get to group as much if that matters to you. If you join a guild and make some friends I'm sure you'll have no problems. I personally hate grouping, have since FFXI, and I'll get to 60 all by my lonesome if I can. I know eventually I'll have to bite the bullet, but why not put it off as long as possible...


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Jan 2, 2004
The Northlands
Main: lvl 60 Human Priest on Deathwing/ skinning tailoring/ Holy-Disc spec/ guild is Nocturnal Reign/ name is Tyrandel

Alt: lvl 31 NE Priest on Firetree/ skinning, mining/ Disc-Holy spec/ unguilded/ name is Myrandel


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Dec 27, 2001
Los Angeles
Realm: Deathwing
Dizastor, 44 Undead Warrior, Mining/Blacksmithing
Verboten, 20 Orc Shaman, Herbalism/Mining
Cattle, 20 Tauren Hunter, Skinning/Leather
Villain, 15 Undead Rogue, Mining/Engineering
Sinner, 13 Undead Priest, Skinning/Tailoring
Ghoulet, 10 Undead Mage, Enchanting

I have a lot of characters because I wanted to try as many of the classes as possible. If I had it to do all over again I'd probably roll a mage or a priest as my main character.

I've focused my warrior's talent tree on PvE, since it's my job to stay alive as long as possible take as much aggro and punishment as I can in order to let my group members stay alive and have enough time to kill the mobs.

Of the characters that I have played I think the easiest is the rogue, tons of damage, you're quick and you can get out of trouble fast. No one expects too much out of you in a group other than dealing a lot of damage and maybe the occasional sap. I think the Shaman and Hunter classes are very well rounded very fun to play easy to play with or without a group. The amount of damage that priests and mages deal is very impressive.

I haven't played a class yet that I have found to be boring, I think Blizzard did an outstanding job of making every class fun yet still specialized for what they do. If all servers were PvE I don't think there would be very much complaining about class imbalance. Certain classes can own other classes in PvP, simply by the nature of their attacks. (For example if a mage freezes a warrior in place and casts on him from a mile away there is no way for a warrior to generate rage or land a hit... hope you have a powerful ranged weapon and a sack full of dynamite)

So, overall I'd say play something that appeals to you. Find a class that you like, a race that you can relate to and have a blast.


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Sep 27, 2004
cluthz said:
Overall the best solo player, maybe except the palladin.
I have a level 60 warlock and a level 45 druid. I'd have to disagree with saying the pally is a better solo'er than the warlock. I kill things faster than my gf's level 60 pally and don't have to rest before moving onto the next mob.

Anyway, aside from those two, I have a handful of alliance and horde alts scattered around the realms. I have a lot of fun with my druid, but not as much fun as I do with my warlock. I tried a rogue, but didn't enjoy it too much. They are a great class, just not for me.

As for the group bonus, make sure of two things for this.. 1) I believe the group needs to have at least 3 to get the bonus - I don't remember seeing it with only 2 in a group. Also make sure the group members are all around the same level. One person with a much higher level than you will dramatically bring down the experience you get for killing things.


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Aug 28, 2003
I have a lvl 34 human paladin that I really enjoy. I was pretty much a newbie leveling him and never got into professions until lvl 20 or so. I trained him in blacksmithing/mining but his skills stink.

I also started a dwarf hunter and have him up to 21 right now. Skinner/leatherworker.

Also working on a human mage and have him up to 18. They deal serious damage but mine dies ALL the time.

I have various other classes lvl'd from 6-12. I think the hunter is turning out to be the most fun to play but I continue my pally for the free mount.


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Jun 23, 2003
Washington, DC
Server: Warsong
Race: Night Elf
Class: Priest
Level: 46
Spec: Mostly Holy, with a bit of Disc and Shadow
Name: Llyn
Guild: DraKhath

I love playing my priest. My other alts (on other servers) are nothing to speak of because I have so much fun playing Llyn.



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Apr 21, 2004
I didn't renew last month, trying to hold out until content patch, but this has inspired me to finally start an alt. Thanks y'all.


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Nov 17, 2003
Daytona Beach
60 NE warrior on mannaroth. I am amazed how some people never find out there is a spell called taunt. Over all its a hard class but very rewarding. There are really more healers then warriors (druids+priests) something most people don't think about. Getting a group is no problem and some times people will even pay you...