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Discussion in 'Games' started by homerjward, Jun 20, 2006.

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    May 11, 2004
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    I currently play WoW on a private server, but im thinking about going back to a public server, since the one im on seems to go down all the time, among other reasons. But i cant decide what sort of character to make. i had a human pally and a gnome rogue i enjoyed on the private server, and an undead mage when i used to play on a retail server. i was thinking about a tauren druid or a gnome paladin. are these good choices? i really don't want to be a warrior or a shammy but i'm open to about anything else.
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    My 2 favorite are a dwarf pally- they look cool
    dwarf hunter- they look cool:D

    I'm a fan of dwarves. The only real input I can give is that human start up quests are much better, you get into the whole defias thing right away where as in coolridge(dwarf+gnome start area) the quests are like any other but they dont relate with things later on. So if you like the story element then I suggest human. But dwaves are still the dogs bullocks
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    I dont play but when i saw the screen shots i thought that the Night elv hunters with the short bow or long looked the coolest.
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    Tauren druid is good. Fun, versatile class, and better players will realize your potential to tank as well as heal. Endgame raiding guilds are usually short of druids, and you'll get your gear easier than other classes as well. Probably the major annoyance with druids is the requirement that you keep several sets of gear in your bags+bank all the time. Oh, and Taurens have one of the lamest starting areas.

    Paladins... don't know much about them, apart from that it seems from thottbot.com that warriors them. Even though, I don't know why warriors and paladins would compete for gear. (Seeing as warriors all = tank or dps, and paladins are mostly = healing)
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    Paladins suck, they would have to be the absolute worset class in the whole game, no dps, crappy abilities, crappy quests, they are complete useless in any battleground and overall just plain bad.

    Seriously don't waste you time leveling a Paladin.

    I had a Paladin and rerolled as a mage and I 'm happy now :D

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