would it bother you?


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Jun 14, 2011
Wrexham, North Wales
i haven't got a picture to show you now but i got the iPhone 5 delivered on friday from apple...

i noticed yesterday while thoroughly inspecting it...on the back , top left on the metal band a small white spec. i'm sure you've had a minute spec like..dust etc that wipes off?...well, i thought it was aswel but when i went to wipe it off it felt like a chip. it hasn't been down on any hard surface and i've had it in a leather flip pouch since i got it out the box. it's deffo a manufacturing defect. no other scratch etc around it. it's so minute it's ridiculous that it bother me, it's just if i look at the back now my eye is drawn to it?? WTF??? who looks at the back anyway? lol. thing is i'm in two minds to phone apple about it. this happened with my iPhone 4 at launch, however it was chip to the front glass. they sent me a new phone without even looking at it, i just had to send it back when i received the new 1 obviously.

it's black by the way, so being a white spec its noticeable...if you really look for it lol.

man, i need to see somebody :rolleyes:


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Mar 25, 2009
Lincoln, England
Nope.. haven't even looked at mine closely.

It looks good at the distance I use it from and the phone functions perfectly. Nothing else matters.


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Oct 22, 2011
If I was planning to re-sell in a year or two, I'd probably be concerned about how imperfections will affect the price.

My 4S will eventually be gifted to a friend or family member. Other than keeping it in a case, I try to not expend too much energy worrying about it